Mortal Gods: Ignition, a collection of three short stories in a universe where superhumans–not superheroes–are real, is on sale now. And Amanda Langli, a major character in the second story, provides an exclusive commentary right now about what is going on in, “The First Transgender Superhuman.”
“They lied to us over and over, and the traitors continue lying to us to this day. And they love doing it. Communist elites have made us slaves, and as they cruelly increase the pressure of their foots on our necks, they accuse us of being violent and national security threats. And this has proved to be a great strategy for them, with everyone being afraid to fight back against them because every time they do our enemies yell, ‘See! They’re just as violent and dangerous as we said they are!’
“Well, everyone used to be afraid to fight back. That’s going to change very soon because we’ve had enough. . . .
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