Come gather my friends on this Holiday night
Consider the story of Chanukah lights
Ages ago, the Hebrews took fight
To an arrogant ruler who denied them their rights
The warriors battled and won their glory
But that wasn’t all; just the start of our story
Their Temple, alas, had been damaged and looted
With idols inside, its spirit polluted
The Jews went to work. They cleaned and they polished
Swept up the debris of the idols demolished
But as they looked around, the Jews realized
They still were not done, for a Temple needs light
While oil for lamps wasn’t hard to procure
The Priests had insisted it had to be pure
They searched for a while, and soon with delight
Have found the oil, enough for one night
The rest of the story you know by now
The Priests lit the lamp with the oil they found
And then, in defiance of doubt and hate
A day’s worth of oil burned brightly for eight
The story is old, but the spirit remains
I hope it helps you in darkest of days
When the wolf’s at the door and your dreams fall apart
Remember this lesson and take it to heart
Just one simple thought from this Holiday night:
When you stand on conviction, you will always find light.
Dedicated to all the
folks out there fighting the good fight.
You know who you are.
Happy Holidays to all!

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