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11 Risks of Self-Driving Cars Most Don’t Consider

Self-driving cars are upheld as a shining solution to so many problems. Drunk driving doesn’t matter if the car drives the drunk home. Teens can take rides anywhere at any time. Older adults can still access transportation even as vision and reflexes deteriorate. However, there are risks introduced by self-driving cars many fail to consider. Here is a short list of concerns beyond your insurance rate spiking because you’re braking so hard…

New Science Fiction: Why Me?, 1987

In 1984 they arrested me.

In 1987 I got out of reeducation.

I didn’t actually learn anything in reeducation. Of course I could repeat by rote every lesson they “taught” me. It isn’t teaching. It is hearing the same things over and over. Until you cringe in all your being against anything different.

But me, I was overhandled past terror, to numbness. I really don’t care. Yes, I learned my lesson. But I also understand them now and know they have nothing to fear from me because I am broken by the experience of how cunning they are. I know they are reading these writings, these scratchings. I leave them out for them to find.

AI Justice, No Peace

Someone asked if we should set up artificial intelligences to act as judges and arbiters. My answer is a resounding no. Here are a few of my concerns, and please let me know what issues you’d add to this list.

Why We Would Be Able to Control Superpowers Relatively Quickly

Superpowers are a staple of comic books, science fiction and, occasionally, horror. The person may come into their abilities slowly before it becomes too hard to control and suppress. Or it shows up suddenly after an accident, a trigger event or hormones really kicking in. Whether you’re a fan of Marvel, DCU or series like Babylon 5, the solutions tend to be the same:

  • run and hide while being a danger to others
  • have your powers and work for the government
  • get locked in prison/reform school because people are afraid of your powers
  • external control

External control would be anything done to a person to limit or outright suppress their abilities. The telepathy suppression drug of Babylon 5 falls into this category. The hoods in “The Hoodmaker” short story could be worn by everyone else, but the Amazon version of the show reveals that wearing a hood provides silence for the telepath, too. More than one horror show has featured lobotomy of the psychic to silence the ability. A current young adult book took it one step farther, implanting devices into the brains of super-powered teens to suppress the ability.

Fiction From the LI Archive: There Are No Regrets in Skyview Tower

Editor’s note: today’s fiction from the archive is published because of a request from a contributor in the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance. This story was originally published at Liberty Island on April 21, 2014.

Stoney Vander sighed heavily as he gazed outside over the municiplex. It was an unusually clear day and for that reason, he was able to see the foundations upon which Skyview Tower had been built and in the distance, between neighboring towers, the hint at the green wild beyond the point where civilization ended and unsupervised nature began.

What was out there? Wondered Stoney Vander.

According to the Board of Supervisors, there was nothing but unsupervised nature, a wilderness of tangled vines and creepers, thick forests of trees whose branches swept the ground and whipped their leaves in the wind, swamps of disease ridden water, and matted grasslands woven with ground crawling thorns and infested with biting, stinging insects of every kind.

Just the thought of it all sent shivers down Stoney Vander’s spine… shivers of anticipation, that is. The truth was, he often found himself like this; instead of working or studying, his attention was drawn to the ’s expansive window banks and the green wild when it was visible on clear days. The view never failed to send his mind wandering down paths other citizens of the town of Sunshine would surely consider perverse. But why was it perversion to think of life outside Skyview Tower? What was wrong with feeling the wind on your bare flesh instead of the tower’s climate controlled atmosphere or to breath air unfiltered by its ventilation systems?


The Moments I Realized I Lived in the Future

I grew up reading science fiction, both books as they came out and classic ones that sat on my father’s bookshelf. That’s understandable given that I was named for a Robert Heinlein character. This has led to a number of moments when I’ve recognized when the life I’m living is something out of those science fiction books I’ve read.

How Hollywood Could Be Keeping the Alien Threat at Bay

Humans’ historical documentaries on how various things were discovered will be considered true-life horror biopics to aliens. Then again, this will explain how we developed so quickly. Our fictional broadcasts of us hacking into alien computers, turning random items into superweapons and so forth, if understood, may make aliens think we’re more advanced or dangerous than we really are.

Humans may be left alone because our geniuses are so dangerously unpredictable. Our prank shows and reality shows like Mythbusters may be what are saving us from alien invasion. We take pleasure in exploding stuff and use it as educational content for our children? Let’s leave that planet alone.

3 Big Dumb Action Flicks For a Break From the Anti-Kavanaugh Circus

What the hell did I just watch?

Soon, the long national nightmare will be over. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (his reputation forever tarnished by the craven cretins of the Democrat party), or he will not.

While I do believe the psycho-drama of the hearings (the psycho provided by the clearly disturbed Dr. Ford, the drama by Kavanagh who chose not to go quietly into that good night preordained for him by the Stalinist Socialists formerly known as the Democrat Party) is an important event, reflective of our culture and the war for America’s soul, I think we also need to step back and take a break.

I mean, with campaign slogans like “You have no presumption of innocence here” and the equally catchy “Accusations are all we need,” the Democrats will be coming for the thought-criminals soon enough.

Therefore, herewith, some dumb fun movies you might have missed (some with, alas, more dumb than fun).

‘He thought he wanted answers, but the more he knew, the more difficult things became.’

Now’s the time to discover one of the funniest writers in the galaxy

Love science fiction and fantasy? Frank J. Fleming’s got you covered for both: check out Liberty Island’s first novel Superego, and its seventeenth, Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled.



Can We Make the Asimov Laws of Robotics Actual Law?

Asimov’s Law of Robotics Number One: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

If robots are property, then this is partially covered under laws that say owners/creators are liable if their equipment injures or kills someone.

If a robot is legally a person, then it is guilty of assault, murder, negligent homicide, etc.

Asimov’s Law of Robotics Number Two: A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

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