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Tom Cosentino

Associate Editor Tom Cosentino is the author of The Art of Looking for Trouble, Liberty Island’s new comedic literary novel. He reviews literary novel submissions. Tom is an avid reader with Richard Russo, George Saunders and Jeffery Lent among his favorites. He is looking for all forms of literary fiction novels that support Liberty Island’s mission statement, especially authors that would be passed over by traditional publishers because of their themes and principles.

New Fiction: The November Guest

Homer Wheaton, widower, lived alone in a stone cottage at the end of a long gravel driveway that was lined with majestic sugar maples. The cottage, as meticulously groomed and refined as any English country house, was situated on forty-four acres outside the small college town of Cazenovia, New York.

It had been over twenty years since his wife, Faith, died in a car accident. She had been driven off the road by a tractor trailer belonging to one of the big box stores. The driver had fallen asleep after working three straight twelve hour shifts; the after Thanksgiving sales had pushed the chain to stretch the limits of sleep and sanity…

New Fiction: Return To Prague

What would make your “Must Do” list if you were diagnosed with a terminal disease?

“Christmas in Prague?” he asked, reaching out to hold her hand.

“Perfect,” she said, pulling him in close for a kiss…

New Fiction: The Regulars

A Touching Comedic Caper

“Dusty Pete” Stoyvanich took the stool at the end of the bar, Bill Middleton was in the middle, per his name and Benny C took the seat closest to where Sal stood behind the bar. The patronage of the bar had turned over a couple times since anyone knew what the “C” stood for, he had been just Benny C for so long. The guys did not pay for anything out of their pockets, the cost of their daily imbibing and dining was built into the rent for their apartments. The kind taxpayers of the great State of New York picked up the tab through the Section 8 money the three received each month…

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