My name is Alex Himebaugh, and I am the Gen Z editor for Liberty Island. I am looking for books written by and geared towards the rising generation. I prefer realistic fiction, science fiction, urban fantasy, and romance although I am open to any genre as long as it’s a good story.

Generation Z needs books that inspire reading in kids and teenagers since literature has the power to deepen the mind and teach important lessons. Due to the instant gratification culture caused primarily by technology, kids are losing their patience for reading. As part of Generation Z, I used to hate reading. Books bored and frustrated me. It was not until I was around nine years old that I discovered my love of reading through series such as The City of Ember, Gregor the Overlander, and Percy Jackson. These books were fast-paced with cliff hangers that forced me to keep reading. My enthusiasm for good stories, inspired by these books, has led me to pursue an English major at Hillsdale College, something I never would have seen myself doing 10 years ago. Our generation needs books like these to excite them like I was. will draw in reader’s hearts along with their attention.

While these books need to be exciting and fast-paced, they also need to be more than that. Book stores are already filled with fluff. I want books that simultaneously engage the reader while also forcing them to grapple with the bigger questions of life. To achieve this combination, authors must write emotionally engaging stories that will draw in the readers’ hearts along with their attention. Readers need characters with whom they can struggle and grow alongside.

While all books need a lesson, they should not be preachy. Both sides of the political aisle have turned literature into propaganda, the left usually pushing for a woke agenda and the right usually pushing for religion and patriotism. No matter how good or bad the message is, the story must come first, the message second. Ironically, the message comes through better if the author does not force it but lets it flow naturally out of the story. The Gen Z audience tends to be allergic to any sort of preachiness. They value authenticity, not a thinly veiled agenda. Because of this, the politically correct literature of the left will disappoint this generation. Gen Z will reject conservatism as well if we try to manipulate how they think through literature.

If you have a story that fits these criteria, please send it my way. I am looking forward to inspiring this generation with good books together.

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