Greetings, my friends. I’m a two-time Eisner winner, comic book writer and novelist. I write thrillers, horror, one heart-warming dog book, and a novel about Florida Man! Please subscribe to my youtube channel for updates on my projects, writing tips, recipes, and recycled jokes. My motto is, heed my grovels, read my novels. And, sing my praises, buy my phrases. Thank you.

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My friends, I’ve been writing all my life. My stories are heterodox. Many are risible! Short stories such as “Trail of the Loathesome Swine” and “Free Gershwin” have left a trail of shock and disbelief from New York to California. Now Infiniti has their meathooks into Brubeck’s “Take Five.” I will write a story about that.

I will offer these repellent fictions on Patreon, as well as essays, deconstructions, and works in progress, such as my novel BADGER: MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. A novel is not a comic book. A novel is many things. You make them laugh a little bit, you make them cry a little bit, you scare the hell out of them, and that’s entertainment.

I have outlines and scripts to a dozen projects, such as Rotgut, a supernatural tale set in prohibition. Glenn Fabry and I have approached several publishers. I will post Glenn’s cover.

Cavalcade, about an interstellar carnival, with art.

Stories that would gag a dog off a gut wagon.

Sensitive and tasteful tales that will appeal to Victorian personalities.

Stories that are told entirely in the passive tense with extra adjectives.

Tons of unpublished art, such as this Fillbach Brothers page from a Badger that never saw print.

As soon as I finish my Badger novel, I start on a Florida Man sequel.

Thank you for your support.