Who would have thought that an obscure website publishing fiction by and for conservatives would create absolute apoplexy among liberals?
Below we’ve produced a "best of" list of the angry, nutty, and elitist rants criticizing Liberty Island. They come in 3 basic categories:
  • ANGRY: "Those stupid racist Tea Party people can’t even read, how can they write books?"
  • NUTTY: "Those racist teabaggers are just writing books to work out their homosexual rape fantasies."
  • ELITIST: "I haven’t bothered to read anything on their site, but I can tell you from my expertise that there isn’t a Faulkner among the lot. Lionel Trilling would not be impressed."
Okay, I’m exaggerating slightly for effect. But only slightly. Please don’t click on these links if you have a weak stomach or a low threshold for B.S. You’ve been warned!

UPDATE #2: Delagar. Conservative Fiction

UPDATE#3 ("utterly, utterly shite"): London Review of Books: On Liberty Island