Hillary was helping her friend Makayla with her homework.

"So Makayla, if you had twenty apples and I took eight apples, they want to know how many apples you’d have left. What do you think, Makayla?"
"I think we both sure like apples!"
Hillary laughed, "Ha, ha! We sure do! After all, studies show apples help your heart and reduce the chances for many kinds of cancer. But back to the math!"
Knock, knock! There was a knock on the club house door. Hillary and Makayla were studying in the clubhouse Hillary’s Grandma Betty had built for her. (When Grandma Betty built the clubhouse, she made sure to follow all of the appropriate city codes and filed for all of the appropriate permits.)
Hillary opened the door to see it was Billy! Billy was taking a big bite out of a very large cookie.
"Hi, Hillary! Hi, Makayla!" Billy said.
"Hi, Billy!" Hillary said.
"Hi, Billy!" Makayla said. And then she asked, "What’s that you’re eating?"
"It’s a cookie. I got it at the Boys and Girls Club at the church down the street. I was wondering if you had any milk to go with it."
"My Grandma Mary was just about to bring us our snacks and I’m sure she’ll bring some milk." (Hillary lived with her Grandma Betty and Grandma Mary, both on her mother’s side.)
Just then, Grandma Mary came carrying a large tray filled with baby carrots, celery, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and assorted tubers. And a big picture of milk with three glasses.
"I thought I heard another voice, so I brought another glass!" Grandma Mary said with a big smile.
"What a feast!" Makayla exclaimed.
As soon as Grandma Betty set the tray down, all three kids dug in.
Billy took a big gulp of milk. "Boy, oh, boy," he said. "This milk tastes better than regular milk."
Hillary and Grandma Mary gave each other a secret smile. "That’s because it’s not ‘regular’ milk," Grandma Mary said. "It’s not from a cow, it’s soy milk, so it’s healthier with less saturated fat and no cholesterol, which is in ‘regular’ milk."
"Awesome!" Billy exclaimed. "I’m going to have to get my mom to buy some of that soy milk! It sure goes well with this cookie."
"I was going to ask you about that cookie," Hillary said. "Are you sure a cookie is the best nutritional choice?"
"Oh don’t worry," Billy said. "The guy at the Boys and Girls Club said the cookie was made with natural ingredients."
"But it must be full of processed sugars," Makayla exclaimed, "Those aren’t good for you."
"Oh, no," Billy said, "The guy said instead of sugar it has corn syrup. And corn must be good for you."
"Hmmmm," Hillary said thoughtfully. "I think we should pay him a visit."
Hillary and Billy took turns pushing Makayla’s wheelchair to the Boys and Girls Club. There they found Mr. Gingrich, the director of the club that had given Billy the cookie.
"Mr. Gingrich," Hillary asked. "Did you give that cookie to Billy and other kids in the club cookies?"
"Oh, yes," Mr. Gingrich said. "One of the reasons the kids come to the club is because we give them all the cookies they want."
"But sugar is bad for kids," Hillary said. "Sugar is bad for everyone. It leads to more cavities, excessive weight and some studies have linked it to a higher risk of cancer."
"Oh, don’t worry," Mr. Gingrich said. "We don’t use sugar, we use corn syrup."
Hillary’s knowledge of nutrition and her sharp detective mind found a flaw in what Mr. Gingrich was saying. Do you know what it was?
Here’s a clue. See if you can unscramble it. "orCn ysupr si ujst sa dab sa usgar!"
Solution: If you unscramble the clue, you’ll find it says, "Corn syrup is just as bad as sugar!"
And it’s true! Corn syrup is really bad! If you see corn syrup (or sugar) in a list of ingredients for a food, don’t eat it!
Hillary and Makayla organized kids to protest at the Boys and Girls Club with signs like, "Kids deserve healthy food!" and "Cookies = Cigarettes."
Soon the Boys and Girls Club was serving healthy snacks, prepared by Grandma Mary!
All thanks to Hillary Steinem, the World’s 1st Kid Community Organizer and Detective!
(This story would theoretically be approved by the USDA.)
The End