In a discussion over at PJ Media Lifestyle people ("Nerds") are debating the oldest question in comics: Marvel or DC?

Like most children of the 70s, I preferred the irreverent, super-cool Marvel heroes over their overly-earnest, one dimensional DC counterparts. Spiderman over Batman…Thor over Superman…Iron Man over Wonder Woman…
But by the time I was into my pre-teens, comics had become an afterthought; I filled my leisure time with more mature pursuits like sports, D&D, music, and Mattel Electronic Football. Until one day a friend introduced this nerdy, 13 year-old Jewish boy to a nerdy, 13 year-old Jewish girl named Kitty Pryde. Like countless other teens I fell in love, and the X-Men forever cemented Gen-X’s loyalty to Marvel through the greatest literary device of the late 20th century — the Hot Nerdy Chick.
Still in wide use today, I might add.