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How the Star Wars Sequels Could Have Succeeded

Use the Force, Disney

When did Star Wars “jump the shark?” Compared to Star Trek, right out of the gate….  Star Trek was from the very beginning back in the mid-sixties a reasonable and optimistic extrapolation into the future of the historical course of American well-ordered liberty.

New Fiction: Ishka’s Garden

An Honorable Mention from The Heroes Half of The Contest

Beneath the alabaster arches over my narrow windows, something flutters against my curtains, interrupting my reading. I squint toward the sound as I rub my earpoints. They’re sore from concentration. I’ve spent my half-day studying the techniques recorded in the leather-bound journal of a master arborist.

A tree in my garden needs pruning before the Moontide festival. The tree that I’ve come to think of as Seesha’s Tree. My little friend will be so pleased with her new home. Fesh designed it well and picked the perfect branch. The two of them favor my Mergone and not many Fae can say a pair of the winged creatures live nearby.

New Liberty Island Novel: Sidequest: In Realms UnGoogled by Frank J. Fleming

Check out the first chapter!

He dazzled you with the science fiction adventure Superego, Liberty Island’s debut title. Now Frank Fleming is back with a fresh, innovative take on fantasy. Order Sidequest today, now available on Amazon.

Right In The Childhood

An Honorable Mention in the 2017 Spring Shock Trigger Warning Writing Contest.

Catharsis and Thanatos in Retromingent Critical Theory

Michael Moore tries his hand at philosophy. It doesn’t end well.

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