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Why Magneto Will Always Be a Holocaust Survivor

Magneto can be described as one of the earliest mutants and among the most powerful. His defining characteristics are: controlling magnetic materials, being a Jewish Holocaust survivor, and seeking to gather and protect mutants separate from humanity

His role as the leader of the mutant Resistance, the man who says do not assimilate or submit, live freely and ideally together for your safety is entirely due to Magneto’s experience as a Jewish Holocaust survivor. He’s internalized the horror and oppression, so to speak, and said “Never again!” His personal evolution, so to speak, was to apply that mantra to the emergency mutant “tribe”. As a Jewish man, he might have considered it unnecessary to go help Israel after it survived the wars to wipe it off the map as soon as the nation was founded. And as a mutant who witnessed and survived Nazis experimenting on humans, he may have realized that same strategy was necessary for mutants to live as themselves.

The Libertarian Solution to the Telepath Problem

Science fiction tends to assume that the solution to containing those with unusual powers is a statist solution. Let’s look at the fictional institutions that were created to control super-powered people like telepaths and how libertarians could handle the issue ethically.

For the mutants in the X-Men series, there is a Mutant Registration Act. Enforcement was via armed police and robot Sentinels created to round them those it can identify. What happens to those rounded up? There were at least several facilities that experimented on unwillingly kidnapped and detained mutants. Civil rights? What civil rights?

Unless you have a rich benefactor and are able to hide in plain sight separated willingly from society (Xavier’s School for the Gifted), you’re hiding on your own, in government custody or part of a criminal gang.