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‘Fireworks In the Sea’: A July 4th Excerpt from Jonah, a Novel of Men and the Sea

Enjoy this and three more excursions into Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea, the debut novel of Howard Butcher

Howard Butcher’s underwater thriller brims with authenticity, energy, and thematic depth. Buy Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea today on Amazon. Check out the first excerpt, “The Tiger Shark’s Head,” the second, “The Lidless Eye,” and the third, “The Snake Eater.”

‘How he hated the human race. His life should have turned out so differently.’

This innovative debut novel blends three storylines: pirates in the Bahamas in the 1600s, Aaron Burr’s efforts in the early 1800s, and a contemporary story featuring Connor Murray…

Pick up L Todd Wood’s thriller Currency, the first book in an exciting series from Liberty Island…

It’s Time to Begin Your BAD ROAD RISING Binge!

Behold the first two action-packed adventures in Mike Baron’s exhilarating series!

Pick up Biker and Sons of Privilege on Amazon. More provocative tales of Josh Pratt are coming soon…

The Biker: ‘Being proved right was like his first snort of good coke.’

With Mike Baron driving you’re in for a wild ride!

Discover the Bad Road Rising series: a born-again Biker-turned private detective hot on the trail of a stolen child.