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‘How he hated the human race. His life should have turned out so differently.’

This innovative debut novel blends three storylines: pirates in the Bahamas in the 1600s, Aaron Burr’s efforts in the early 1800s, and a contemporary story featuring Connor Murray…

Pick up L Todd Wood’s thriller Currency, the first book in an exciting series from Liberty Island…

Discover L Todd Wood’s Novel Currency, the Start of a Thrilling New Series

Here’s the Prologue and first chapter for your reading enjoyment

Pick up L Todd Wood’s thriller Currency, the first book in an exciting series from Liberty Island…

The smartly dressed, older man came first, sitting erect and still as death in the rear of the long oar boat as it silently rowed across the wide river. The moon cast an eerie glow across the fast-moving, silky, black current.

He was balding, middle-aged, and had dark features. However, he was in a much darker mood, a murderous mood in fact. He was the kind of man who never forgot anything, especially the stain on his honor. His eyes bored holes in the back of the man sitting in front of him, and he did not notice his surroundings, as his mind was lost in thought. He was there to right a wrong he had suffered.

Rites of Passage in Classical Literature for Boys, Part 3: Treasure Island

“’One more step, Mr. Hands,’ said I, ‘and I’ll blow your brains out!  Dead men don’t bite, you know,’ I added, with a chuckle….  Something sang like an arrow through the air; I felt a blow and then a sharp pang, and there I was pinned by the shoulder to the mast.  In the horrid pain and surprise of the moment – I scarce can say it was by my own volition, and I am sure it was without a conscious aim – both my pistols went off, and both escaped out of my hands.  They did not fall alone; with a choked cry the coxswain loosed his grasp upon the shrouds, and plunged head first into the water.”

What inspired the author, Robert Louis Stevenson, to place his protagonist in such a precarious position; high up the mizzenmast, looking down upon a half-drunk, half hungover pirate twice his size, bent upon seeing the young Jim Hawkins to “Davy Jones’ locker?”