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2 Core Truths About Guns and the Second Amendment

I read with interest Liberty Island contributor Audie Cocking’s essay about her family history with gun ownership, and the tragic death of her friend. The piece resonated because mine is a similar history, and the takeaways from both the essay and my experience reinforce two core truths about gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

7 Book Pairs That Transformed My Life

Join the discussion! Which authors and books have influenced your the most?

After reading excerpts from the Liberty Island Klavan symposium, I decided to take David Swindle up on his call for others to write about books that transformed their lives. For writers, in addition to literature that had great personal impact, books that change the way they approach writing in my opinion qualify as life-changing.

If you’re a person with two or three books going at all times, it may be hard to pinpoint the life-changers; for this exercise I came up with seven pairs that seemed to fit together, and reflected chronological milestones in my history of literary appreciation.