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‘Fireworks In the Sea’: A July 4th Excerpt from Jonah, a Novel of Men and the Sea

Enjoy this and three more excursions into Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea, the debut novel of Howard Butcher

Howard Butcher’s underwater thriller brims with authenticity, energy, and thematic depth. Buy Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea today on Amazon. Check out the first excerpt, “The Tiger Shark’s Head,” the second, “The Lidless Eye,” and the third, “The Snake Eater.”

Liberty Island Celebrates LIBERTY IN FICTION

A Press Release for Immediate Release

When in the course of human events our national story becomes lost, confused, corrupted, or otherwise loses its way, it’s time to focus less on politics and more on finding new stories to tell.

Liberty Island has made itself the home for a new generation of storytellers whose work is inspired by a love of freedom and the American spirit. Our books and short fiction celebrate what is great about America — and what is true of the human condition. Most importantly, they embody the idea that freedom is the paramount goal of human beings everywhere.

In our polarized political debates, it is well to remember that freedom is one value we all share. All Americans consider freedom to be their heritage and legacy to future generations.

It’s therefore fitting that this Independence Day marks the re-launch of our website and the release of our new catalog. So, let the spirit of liberty unite us as we celebrate Liberty in Fiction.

Photos of 2 Liberty Island Authors at Barnes & Noble Signing Events

Before you go on summer vacation, pick up on Amazon two novels that are absolutely perfect for beach reading: Currency by L Todd Wood and Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea by Howard Butcher both offer thrilling stories set around the ocean.