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Buy It Today: The Art of Looking for Trouble

Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from The Art of Looking for Trouble and please order it today.

Check Out These Liberty Island Titles!

We offer everything from genre thrillers to literary novels to satires, memoir, and cultural commentary. Something for everyone!

The first title from Liberty Island this year is Tom Cosentino’s hilarious and heartwarming comedic literary novel The Art of Looking for Trouble. It was released on June 23 and is now available for purchase. The paperback edition is now available too. Release dates for our upcoming titles will also be announced shortly along with the opportunity to pre-order. Thank you for your support!

New Fiction: The Baton

Peter looked as instructed and could not find what he was supposed to see until Charlotte’s finger stabbed at the top corner. There was a quarter page advertisement announcing that the Antiques Roadshow, Charlotte’s favorite program, was coming to New York.

“It’s this Saturday, I want to bring in my great Aunt Beatrice’s baton. She said it was very valuable. That it belonged to a famous conductor. This is my chance to find out exactly what it is. Maybe it’s worth enough that I can sell it to pay for my dream wedding.”

Peter looked at the date and time of the show, then forced a smile knowing he had no choice but to accompany Charlotte, even though he and his buddy Fred had tickets to the Rangers and Bruins matinee for the same day.

New Fiction: Dust Up

The thing was, I didn’t know anything about cars. I mean, I’d never even had the hood up on one. My entire experience with motor vehicles involved having driven around in my parent’s lumbering Buick Invicta station wagon, while still living at home. I was always running to the store for my mother, always picking up my younger brother from school. It was a boon for Mom when I got my license. But that didn’t qualify me for anything remotely to do with automotive maintenance. My father did all that.

I had opted for one of the dorms at State for my freshman year, this was 1984, and the campus amenities, including proximity to a small commercial district nearby, made it possible for students to attend without needing a car. Most things you needed were within walking distance. The cost of college was no slam dunk for my family. To spare them the cost of a car and insurance helped. Suffice it to say that I left home with a clear understanding of the challenges I faced—I’d decided to pursue a degree in occupational therapy—but absolutely no clue about what made internal combustion engines tick.

My new boyfriend, Rick, had no such blind spot. He loved all things vehicular and had a special place in his heart for his burnt orange Plymouth Duster. It was a 1972 hot rod, with a raked-up rear end, a mysteriously louvered back window, and huge tires Rick called “slicks.” He had also installed a special muffler, called a “glass-pack” that gave the engine a low-end guttural sound. He liked to brag that because of a special carburetor he exchanged for the factory carburetor, “my 340 block can beat any 440 block in town.”

The New Adventures of Justin T. Fairchild, Social Justice Warrior: Episode 1, The Secret Society

The ongoing series returns!

January 2017: It was six weeks after the 2016 election, and I was sitting with my seven-month-old son Richie in our house in Bristol, New Jersey. I had more cause for mourning than other progressives. Not only had our standard-bearer, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, lost the Electoral College to the most unqualified candidate in American history (despite winning the popular vote), but I lost my race for the 13th Congressional District of New Jersey to the incumbent.

If you enjoy the ongoing adventures of Justin T. Fairchild, Social Justice Warrior, be sure to check out the new Liberty Island e-book featuring America’s favorite Constitutional Trotskyite. SNOWFLAKE’S CHANCE: THE 2016 CAMPAIGN DIARY OF JUSTIN T. FAIRCHILD, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR is available for download at Amazon.

‘The Tiger Shark’s Head’: Excerpt #1 from Jonah, a New Liberty Island Novel

Enjoy this and three more excursions into Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea, the debut novel of Howard Butcher

Howard Butcher’s underwater thriller brims with authenticity, energy, and thematic depth. Buy Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea today on Amazon.

Killing Dictators for Fun and Profit: How the Private Sector does Foreign Intervention Better Than the Government

Could a private company do a better job in places like Iraq and Afghanistan than the U.S. government?

Trigger Warning Writing Contest: The Winner, Runner Up, and 6 Honorable Mentions

The launch of our new website interrupted publication of the honorable mentions in our Spring Shock “Trigger Warning” Writing Contest. Here they all are:

Grand Prize Winner:

Honorable Mentions

  • “Choice of Tech” by Bokerah Brumley
  • “Nothing Like It In the World” by David Walls-Kaufman
  • “Right In The Childhood” by Josh Lieblein
  • “India Summer” by Mark Ellis
  • “From the Notebook of Norman Dornan, Father of the Stomach Condom” by Frederic Himebaugh
  • “Comeseemenow” by Aaron Smith