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An Interview with Robert Arvanitis on the Economics of Lord of the Rings

I was in an online debate on artificial intelligence when Robert Arvanitis brought up something he’d written referencing Lord of the Rings. From the title “The Orcs that ran away, I thought it was a short fantasy story. In reality, it was a financial paper on the economic impact of the production of the Lord of the Rings movies in New Zealand and how AI was used to solve it.

New Fantasy Fiction: Innocence and Experience

An origin story for a hero of an epic-in-progress…

Across the green, a scream shattered the morning stillness. Bayliss’s hand slipped, his blade neatly severing the delicate swan’s leg he had carved out of an oak bole, cutting deep into the meaty part of his left hand.

It was Lysele. She screamed again, a high sobbing sound. Bayliss dropped the wood, jammed his bleeding hand into his rough woolen apron pocket, and ran, across the green, past the blacksmith’s, the well, the taverna.

By the time he arrived, half the village was there, elderly Fran holding Lysele as she sobbed. Lysele’s husband Artos stared blankly at the south-facing window, the cheerful flowers below it trampled and fouled. Bayliss gazed at the line of slime from the garden’s edge down to the undefined beginnings of the swamp a hundred yards or more to the south, where ancient cypress trees draped black branches into the murky waters. For a moment, he did not understand.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend’s Ax-Wielding Ex Is Stalking You?

Discover the fantastic fantasy of Sidequest, the new novel from Frank J. Fleming

He dazzled you with the science fiction adventure Superego, Liberty Island’s debut title. Now Frank Fleming is back with a fresh, innovative take on fantasy. Order Sidequest today, now available on Amazon.

New Fiction: Ishka’s Garden

An Honorable Mention from The Heroes Half of The Contest

Beneath the alabaster arches over my narrow windows, something flutters against my curtains, interrupting my reading. I squint toward the sound as I rub my earpoints. They’re sore from concentration. I’ve spent my half-day studying the techniques recorded in the leather-bound journal of a master arborist.

A tree in my garden needs pruning before the Moontide festival. The tree that I’ve come to think of as Seesha’s Tree. My little friend will be so pleased with her new home. Fesh designed it well and picked the perfect branch. The two of them favor my Mergone and not many Fae can say a pair of the winged creatures live nearby.