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Killing Dictators for Fun and Profit: How the Private Sector does Foreign Intervention Better Than the Government

Could a private company do a better job in places like Iraq and Afghanistan than the U.S. government?

Justice, Inc : His Business is Revolution. And Business Is Good.

Discover the exhilarating adventure of J.P. Medved’s sci-fi action-thriller Justice Inc:
“The door blew inward in a blinding flash, molten steel and metal shards peppering the room like a shotgun blast. The emir was knocked onto his back. In his shock he thought he heard screams. Two more explosions filled the room with smoke and thunder. The screaming stopped.

Filled now only with an animal sense for self-preservation, the Mighty Emir scrambled to his hands and knees and felt frantically through the debris for his pistol. He was dimly aware, through the ringing in his ears and the dust and blood in his eyes, of the dark shapes moving swiftly toward him from the other side of the room.

Finally his fingers closed on the cool grip of the .45. He slid it from underneath a blackened wooden board, but as he tried to raise it off the floor, a khaki combat boot came slamming down against his wrist. The emir let go of the pistol with a scream. Pain shot up the entire length of his arm as his wrist bones shattered and ground against each other.”