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Writing Is A Thankless Job, Butt It Could Be Worse

A reader hugged me from out of nowhere this week. She said that my novel has helped her grieve the sudden death of her adult son. Another woman, an elderly one, shared that my main character, Prudence Brandt, knows exactly what it feels like to be a widow who lost her husband and best friend. That positive feedback is what keeps me writing, pushing myself, even when I’m tired of a story that I’ve so painstakingly crafted. It is affirming, wholly satisfying, to know that my narratives may well be […]

Yes to Yes Means Yes!

Dear Gov. Brown- Thank you from the bottom of my cold bleeding heart. It’s about time men realize that every unsavory sexual advance or encounter is their fault by the simple fact of anatomy. Radical feminists have been touting this fact for decades and this mother of two daughters is finally at peace knowing that responsibility of questionable canoodling is no longer on the shoulders of young women. Our girls can finally go out into the world knowing the correct way to enjoy themselves without concern for their own safety. […]

Yes, ISIS is Still Islamic

Whenever there is an intra-party debate on the right, you’re likely to see prominently placed stories in major media outlets. You’ll rarely hear of a similar debate on the left unless you peruse their own websites and blogs but I happened to stumble across one today at Salon.com while satisfying my masochistic desire to see what they are saying. Prominent liberal atheist Sam Harris wrote a heretical blog post titled "Sleepwalking Toward Armageddon" in which he responds to President Obama’s claim that "ISIL is not Islamic." He covers some of […]

Yes, It’s an Egg.

We have some very confused birds on our lot. A robin or two that are convinced they are chickens, when they are indeed not. One little bird in particular has been laying beautiful little blue speckled eggs in our hen nesting box. That robin has been very sneaky–breaching the coop after hours while my hens are sleeping soundly by squeezing through the wind turbine on the roof then squatting in the chicken box to leave her shelled offspring. She leaves eggs there for the chickens to incubate before heading back […]

You Can’t Win If You Don’

Some time ago there was a commercial for a state lottery saying, "You can’t win if you don’t play." Overlooking the fact the odds were still against you even when you did play, the statement itself was quite true. It’s true for politics as well, except you need to remember politics isn’t a relatively harmless game of chance. People’s lives are affected by the decisions a few numbskulls make for the rest of us, so it needs to be stressed politics is a fight. In fact, it’s a fight for […]

You Deserve Better Than God’s Not Dead

We need to talk about God’s Not Dead. It’s available on Netflix streaming. Horror fans are a lot like Christian fiction fans: there are so many truly terrible horror movies out there that when one comes out that’s even half-good, it gets lauded by fans of the genre as a masterful piece of filmmaking and praised way beyond its quality. Horror and Christian films are difficult genres to get right, but when they’re done properly, they can be extraordinary. God’s Not Dead was not done properly. It’s a terrible movie. […]

You Should See 2013’s The Bible

The Mark Burnett-produced 2013 TV miniseries The Bible is far from the best television you’ll ever see, but if you find Western culture to be at all relevant to your daily life, you have to watch it. Like it or not, the Bible and its teachings undergird much of the West’s laws, mores, and ethics, and even if you haven’t read it, you owe it to yourself to see it dramatized, even imperfectly. Burnett’s miniseries doesn’t hide the fact that much of the Bible concerns Jews: how we (As a […]

Zombie Redoubts on the Go

In The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, I described methods to turn your house or apartment into a Zombie Redoubt: a place of refuge that can be readily defended during a Zombie Apocalypse. If, for whatever reason, you can’t or won’t take those steps to make your home more zombie-resistant (almost no place on Earth is completely zombie-proof), then you will want to read on. Even if you have stocked up your Zombie Redoubt with weapons, supplies, and water, the longer you stay in one place, the more […]

Zombies, Halloween, and You

For children, Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas as the best time of year. For the informed adult concerned about the coming Zombie Apocalypse, Halloween can be a gut check. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to dread it entirely: costumes, free candy, and parties are celebrations of life and a thumbing-of-the-nose at grim death. As such, you should have fun. Take the kids out trick-or-treating. Throw a party. Dress up as Batman. Just keep a few things in mind that will maximize your personal security. A Supernatural […]

Book Review: A Perfect America by Peter Meredith

I know what you’re thinking…Another day, another dystopia. It seems as if every author, especially of a conservative or libertarian persuasion, has a cautionary tale to offer. I have by now read too many to count, and most of them leave me unsatisfied. A good dystopia has a lot to accomplish, probably more than any other genre. It needs to show how the society it describes came to be (if it can’t plausibly happen, it will not be effective). It has to be vivid, to show the reader what life […]