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Audie Cockings

About Me

A clinical Gerontologist, happy wife of a 90’s era army ranger, and mama to four young ones. I play competitive volleyball for exercise and amuse myself by penning narratives of brainy but thoroughly flawed women and the men who love them. Part heavily embellished almost truths/could-have-beens and part fiction, my characters and stories are loosely based on folks I’ve met in places I’ve been…


Interests include living artists, music (everything from 80’s rap to Trevor Jones compositions), and foreign films on Netflix (particularly WWII era non-fiction). I LOVE cooking, hiking, and parking my butt in a beach chair at any available body of water.


When we’re not at home in Maryland, we’re off the grid in Northern Michigan or eating soft-shell lobsta in my newest favorite state, Maine.


My debut novel, “Little Red Rider” (thriller/mystery), was published in 2014. It can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Greetings and Readings, an indie bookseller in Baltimore. My second and third novels are currently in the editing stage. They are entitled “The Mole” and “A Girl, A Dog, A Boat”.


The Mole is the second of three novels in the Little Red Rider series, a tale of a widowed housewife who’s politically charged dreams tell the future before it happens. She uses her dreams to keep her son, a newly minted army ranger, out of danger with the help of her late husband’s best friend, a general at the Pentagon.


A Girl, A Dog, A Boat is a women’s fiction novel about Ruby, a medical student dumped by her live-in boyfriend, Navy Blue Angel #9. Broke then further broken when she finds out why, Ruby figures that a live-aboard is the only way she can afford to stay in pricey Annapolis. But the only boat in her price range is located in Maine, a rickety decommissioned lobster boat owned by Jamie, a red-headed hot-tempered retired lobsterman who isn’t willing to sell his beloved “Deanna Marie” to some stuck up, silly young woman “from away” who can’t even drive a car.