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David M. Swindle

David M. Swindle took over in 2021 as Liberty Island Media Group's new owner, Publisher, and Editor-In-ChiefHe joined LI in May of 2015, initially as West Coast Editor. He previously worked as associate editor of PJ Media from 2011-2015 where he grew the PJ Lifestyle vertical, and associate editor of FrontPageMag from 2009-2011 where he developed the media criticism site NewsReal Blog as its managing editor.

David double-majored in English (creative writing emphasis) and Political Science, graduating from Ball State University in 2006. After years of feeling torn between creative work and political activism, David now embraces the late Andrew Breitbart’s aphorism that “Politics is downstream from culture.”

As a novel editor David will consider books of just about any genre or type (he hands off romance, young adult, legal, and military titles to those better equipped on the team). His current areas of strongest interest include science fiction, fantasy, thriller/suspense, hard-boiled detective and crime, horror, westerns, historical, alternate history, speculative, cultural satire, literary, and religious fiction. He also reviews nonfiction submissions on politics, arts, media, faith, and counterculture.

His first novel he both edited and published is Tom Cosentino's The Art of Looking for Trouble.

Liberty Island titles which David edited include Justice, Inc by J.P. Medved, Mad Jones, Heretic: The Accidental Prophet, Book 1 by Quin Hillyer, Silver & Lead: A Novella of the West by David Churchill Barrow and MaryLu Barrow, Snowflake’s Chance: The 2016 Campaign Diary of Justin T. Fairchild, Social Justice Warrior by Curtis Edmonds, Mad Jones, Hero: The Accidental Prophet, Book 2 by Quin Hillyer, Mad Jones, Agonistes: The Accidental Prophet, Book 3 by Quin Hillyer, Pulse of the Goddess: The American Blackout, Book 1 by Fred Tribuzzo, Slaves Beneath the Stars: American Blackout, Book 2 by Fred Tribuzzo, Gangster Town: The American Blackout, Book 3 by Fred Tribuzzo, and First Shot: Jin & Tonick, Book 1 by Bokerah Brumley.

David's articles have been published at such publications as The Daily Wire, The Washington Examiner, The Investigative Project on Terrorism, The Algemeiner, The American Spectator, The Daily Caller, The California Courier, Campus Watch, Rebel Media, Big Hollywood, and The Indianapolis Star. He currently lives in Burbank, California. Follow him on Twitter @DaveSwindle.

An Art Exhibit: Welcome to Atlantica

Check out some of the photos and videos from my better half’s solo art exhibition, now up at Fullerton College in Fullerton, CA.

Taking Ramy Youssef to Task for His Depressing Hulu Sitcom

Most of my writing these days focuses on Islamist groups in Southern California and the country at large, however sometimes it intersects with popular culture, as it does with my newest piece, published yesterday at PJ Media, Golden Globe-Winner Ramy Youssef’s Muslim Family Sitcom More Tragedy than Comedy

Check Out This Interview with Liberty Island All-Star Tamara Wilhite

Tamara has been Liberty Island’s most prolific contributor this year with compelling book reviews, pop culture analysis, and especially her author interviews. To learn more about her check out this interview with her at Stanley Wheeler’s blog.

Dave Chappelle’s All-American Anti-PC Heresies Vs. Ramy Youssef’s Woke-Intersectional-Islamist Cousin-Loving

Check out my new article on Islamist entertainment at The Daily Wire

I had a new article published yesterday at The Daily Wire. I compare and contrast the comedy specials of two American Muslims, and Ramy Youssef, coming down very hard against the latter:

Among the fascinating phenomena of America’s most prominent Muslim activist organizations is how they decide which Muslims to lift up and which to ignore. Compare two recent comedy specials. One, Dave Chappelle’s newest Netflix special “Sticks & Stones,” which is generating intense reactions given its choice of material — including abortion, #MeToo, Transgenderism, “the alphabet people” (referring to the expanding acronym LGBTQIA+), and the implications of the “cancel culture,” which seeks to silence all who do not adhere to the “woke” doctrines of political correctness.

Thinking about this hilariously offensive special brought to mind another recent comedy special that challenged different cultural taboos: Millennial Ramy Youssef’s “Feelings,” released on HBO on June 29.

Pulling Your Cosmic Trigger: Why July 23 Is Robert Anton Wilson Day

An Overview of the Unique Sci-Fi Novelist and Occult Explorer Who Made Contact With *Something* Today in 1973

If I had to pick a single author who has influenced me more than any other it would be the counterculture godfather Robert Anton Wilson whose books, speeches, and ideas have influenced generations of oddball individualists since the 1970s.


Why ‘Stranger Things’ Is So Wonderful

The third season of Netflix’s 80s nostalgia fest delivers again with an emotionally-gripping entertainment that harkens back to a less cynical age.

Happy 4th of July!

Liberty Island wishes everyone a fun, safe 4th of July!

UPDATED: Ranking My 10 Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

And sorting out the others. Disagree with my choices?

With the fourth Avengers movie debuting this weekend, the closing chapter of a 22-film series, I decided to start a discussion over which installments in the series have been the best, which are weaker, and why.

The Bizarre Journey of the Mansion Which Inspired the Opening of The Big Sleep

Raymond Chandler’s debut masterpiece drew on his knowledge of Southern California

One of the opening revelations in the new annotated version of The Big Sleep is a head-twister.

Why I Still Hate Game of Thrones But Love Rick And Morty

So tonight is finally the beginning of the end for one of the most overrated TV shows of all time.

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