A state law was recently passed that permits the killing of human infants. Rather than rising up in outrage and disgust, the country’s reaction to this unjust and immoral law was largely apathetic. This in spite of the indisputable fact that a fully formed, human infant who is still within her mother’s body can now be legally killed in New York. The governor of Virginia would even take it a step further — permitting the legal right to kill an unwanted infant immediately after birth. Again, there was little outrage over this horrible, evil viewpoint. Most were more concerned about a yearbook photo from a Halloween party over 30 years ago.

Sadly, New York’s new law is not the first of its kind in this country, and this moral blindness and apathy is a sad facet of a country once devoted to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For this issue, there is no outrage, no calls for boycotts. There is mostly apathy.

I do not exclude myself entirely from this sad state. It is a Lenten practice of mine to participate in the “40 Days for Life” campaign. Twice a year during a 40-day period, I go with a group of other like-minded people and pray outside of an abortion clinic once a week for an hour. I pray for all involved with abortion. I know factually that there is killing taking place within the building I’m standing outside of, but I can do nothing but pray. Is that really enough? Other better people than me have devoted their lives to end this slaughter.

For many it’s normalcy bias. Abortion has been legal since 1973 nationally. It’s been a part of our landscape for over 40 years. Normal, ordinary people get abortions; normal, ordinary people work at abortion clinics. We might drive past these buildings on our way to work or school. One major political party supports it; our family may be members of this party. People we admire or agree with on all other matters support it. There are many ways to justify doing nothing about it.

For many, that it’s normal and legal equates to it also being moral. This is a fallacy, of course. Many vile practices have been legal in this country over the years—forcing children to work 12 hours a day, for one. In England, it was also once legally permissible to chemically castrate homosexuals. That it was legal did not make it moral. And dare I mention slavery?

I can report some good news regarding this topic out of New York. A poll commissioned by the Knights of Columbus found that a whopping majority of state residents (75%) oppose late-term abortions. This survey, which is discussed here, also found that 63% of residents believed that late-term abortion should be generally illegal—this from a state in which 62% of residents describe themselves as pro-choice.

The question remains: Will these New Yorkers do anything about it? Will they demand that the new law be overturned? Will they vote out of office the politicians who passed this horrendous law? I pray otherwise, but suspect that they will not. Abortion is a normal part of their world. Politics trump morality. With such apathy, evil wins.


Photo by Jills (Pixabay)

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