Mike Baron writes,

“A lot of young folks ain’t readin’.  Just ain’t readin’.  Weren’t raised that way.”

Alas, so true….  But part of the reason – for young boys at least – they’re not given much of anything they’d actually like to read. Give ‘em what they crave, and it will lead to all that “toxic masculinity” dontcha know.

Mike’s second complaint goes beyond mere illiteracy into the horrendously bad manners seeping into public discourse. Perhaps if we  go back to teaching our boys that it is indeed manly to be a gentleman and not an ignorant, knuckle-dragging, obscenity-spewing boor (and by the way, boys, you will have better luck with the young ladies that way – no girl worth spending time with appreciates jackassery) and teach our young ladies that girls who talk like street sluts won’t interest a young man worth your time either, we can remedy some of this. Gotta start ‘em early, though.

I always go back to the wolf, sheep and shepherd dog groupings (see my recent posts). We’re raising way too many of the first two, and nowhere near enough of the last.  A good “shepherd dog” has to be an effective communicator. Illiteracy, as well as crudity and coarseness, are obstacles to communication.

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