I saw the world change, and once was enough.
The ending was perfect: everyone lived.
Crowds breached the bulwarks, the long war was won.
Virtue prevailed, there was no more to give.
And what a relief it was to get on,
With no more worrying about what if,
The clouds above us should rain down with bombs,
Sending humanity to the abyss?
Captive no more, with the old order gone
Granted the freedom to follow our bliss.
Eleven fat summers came and were gone,
Filled with the pleasures that time would permit.
Commerce flowed free across borders, not blood
Job opportunities beckoned from Minsk.
And for the most part, we all got along.
Save for a few minor sins to forgive.
You’d think, "well, that’s it," but you would be wrong.
Just like a movie with one final twist,
Right at the moment when things had got calm,
Men from the East arrived, laden with gifts.
-Hastily ending a pretty good run.
A victory for our will to exist.
The good times blew in, and then they rolled on,
When darker urges emerged from within.
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