August 18, 1940

Coming only a day after the assassination of Prime Minister Churchill, British Parliament and various RAF airfields in the south of England were hit by German attack squads. In a massive step up from sabotage carried out by the IRA, British officials have confirmed that the Germans used trucks filled with explosives as a lead up to unloading gunfire onto whatever targets could be found. The true death toll and aircraft losses from these strikes has not been able to be fully confirmed, due to the fact that Luftwaffe raids were conducted on most of the sites shortly afterwards. What is known is that the German saboteurs engaged in pitched battles with British soldiers and police. Whether or not any have survived or escaped has not been revealed by any relevant authorities.

The streets of London have been virtually cleared of any civilian presence as soldiers and police stand guard for any more German attacks. The country appears to be holding its breath waiting for a decision on whether it will continue on in the fight or give in to the terms posed by the Reich. German officials have expressed hope that the terms will be met, but have threatened to continue the aerial campaign as well as launch the amphibious operation they have been touting since the Battle of France came to a definitive end. American officials from the Roosevelt administration have stated that no current action will be taken and that the neutrality stance will be upheld despite an outcry from some corners of the public to aid the British after the recent spate of German attacks.

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