Reporting from the Governor’s Residence. Invasion and occupation of the island of Gibraltar is now complete. Concerns about the remaining British holdouts led by Captain Richardson may now be laid to rest. Our third attempt to use Governor Lidell to compel them to surrender was met with gun fire. With that, our Fallschrimjager platoons managed to sweep through and wipe out the estimated 150 men remaining. We are now in the process of making the airfield and harbor operable again. Transition over to Spanish authority should be completed within the next three months.

Overall, Spanish infantry performed admirably. They couldn’t have earned their new empire any better. Stuka squadrons suffered heavier than expected casualties as anti-aircraft batteries took more effort to eliminate. German infantry in need of more appropriate assault weapons as British squads were able to lay down heavier suppressive fire than expected. Current rifles are becoming obsolete. More rapid fire options should erase this problem. Fallschrimjager and Brandenburger units were indispensable and made our swift initial gains possible. I can say with confidence that Operation: Felix was a success and we can present our victory to the Fuhrer and Suner.

-General Ludwig Kubler

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