August 17, 1940

British officials have confirmed what most of the citizenry of the United Kingdom have feared: Prime Minister Winston Churchill is dead. The man who rallied the country with a sterling speech proclaiming that the British people would "never surrender" to Nazi aggression a few months ago, has been assassinated. Downing Street has confirmed that the assassins successfully ambushed the Prime Minister and his security detail as his motorcade arrived at his country home in preparation to discuss the defense efforts against the on-going Luftwaffe bombardment of Britain. Further details are not expected to be released by the government as the country has descended into mourning amidst the highly successful bombing and Irish Republican Army sabotage campaign that has brought the Royal Air Force to the brink of defeat. It is rumored that the team of assassins is still at large, but no one has corroborated this.

News of the assassination has unleashed jubilation across Germany and perhaps hopes of an end to the conflict with the United Kingdom. Berlin in particular was a scene of uninhibited joy as revelers took to the streets in raucous celebration. The city’s residents, having been subjected to heavy RAF bombings in the past few weeks, carried their festivities well into the night in open defiance of the city’s curfew. Fortunately for them, RAF bombers failed to appear and the local police did nothing to deter them. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels made an address to the German nation that evening stating: "The blood-thirsty bulldog has been put down and therein lies the prospect of peace in civilized Europe. The German Reich did not want this war, but was pushed to it by the blatant aggressiveness of the British Empire and its proxies. We do not wish to continue further with this struggle and we will pursue every means for securing an end to this conflict." Goebbels did not offer any details about the assassination team or their current whereabouts. He only confirmed that Luftwaffe raids against Britain will continue until Parliament agrees to terms including a cessation of all conflicts and German access to oilfields in the Middle East.

Parliament has been suspended for the next day in recognition of the assassination. There has been not been any confirmation of a new appointment to the position of Prime Minister. The only pieces of information that a government spokesperson put forward was that the royal family has been moved to a secure, undisclosed location and that all police and armed forces have been on supreme high alert in case of more attacks.

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