Victory at Sea!

Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe deal massive blow to British

22July, 1940

The supposed invincibility of the Royal Navy was dented by the force of our valiant Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe yesterday afternoon. Our powerful squadron provoked a British force that had been lying in wait for such an occasion. Led by HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Hood, it was also supported by the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and Glorious as well as several destroyers, this battlegroup sought to harry our raiders and eliminate our path to the open Atlantic. However, our brilliant strategists had a surprise in store for them as they approached an area about twenty-five nautical miles from the Jutland engagement in the previous war. Coming out to meet them on the surface were the magnificent Admiral Scheer, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and Prinz Eugen all of which were escorted by destroyers and our small, yet nimble torpedo boats.

The Royal Navy, as mighty as it is, must have been confident in their abilities. After all, their admittedly successful operations in Norway were a sore blow to our valiant navy. Indeed, they approached our ships with massive volleys and aircraft strafing runs. Our boys retreated momentarily after sustaining a heavy assalult that brought about the loss of four destroyers. What the Tommies didn’t count on, however, were the U-Boats and the Luftwaffe coordinating attacks on their sides and their rear. The U-Boats, aided by Condors, Stukas, and Bf-109s inflicted heavy damage. Several planes were lost, but their actions claimed the Glorious and three destroyers. Prince of Wales, Hood, and Ark Royal took torpedo hits and attempted to return to Britain. Fortunately, our ships closed in and dealt vengeance to our fallen in Norway with their massive, thunderous guns. Ark Royal fell to Prinz Eugen while Prince of Wales was sent to the bottom by Scharnhorst. Hood and the remaining destroyers were last spotted heading back to Britain by a Condor and any British sailors and airmen that splashed in the sea have been taken as prisoners.

This is our revenge for Jutland and Norway. Our grand triumph cannot be denied as the premier power of the world’s oceans has been dealt a bloody blow. It has been announced that parades will be held in Kiel and Wilhelmshaven as soon as the British are defeated.

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