Mi had
her fingers in her ears, flinching with every new burst of gunfire. Yolanda
grasped her arm and looked around with tears welling up in her wide eyes. The
restaurant tablecloths only draped about halfway to the floor. Brindin was
trying to pull the one over them down further on the side near the dining area
entrance, although that made little difference at this point as the attackers
had now spread to all parts of the room. They continued firing in the air and
murdering some people at random.
"We need
to stay together under here and try to be as small as possible!" Derrick
screamed at them.
Trent kept trying to get farther and farther under the table, so much so that
he was pushing into Caitlin and started shoving her out into the open.
let us live. Please let us live," he kept repeating.
stop pushing her!" Yolanda yelled at him while Caitlin squirmed to keep him
from pushing her out from under the table.
are you doing, man?" Brindin said to him. He pushed Trent back from the direct
center. Derrick grabbed Caitlin’s arm and dragged her closer to the group. She
crouched there again, reaching up to feel the bruise on her head where it had
hit the table when Derrick had pulled her out of her chair and onto the floor.
The main
assault continued for a bit more and then the gunfire stopped. Caitlin could
now hear people crying and screaming, along with other murmurs and noises you’d
expect during an attack. And then someone spoke using what sounded like a
public address system.
and gentlemen, you have the privilege of being the in-person audience to my
introduction to the world." Suddenly, the tablecloth that Brindin had pulled
down on the side towards the entrance was ripped away, and Caitlin watched as
food, dinnerware, and other objects flew off it. One of the henchmen with his
clown wig, eyeglasses, and gun crouched down and looked under the table.
"No use
hiding," he told Caitlin and the others as he pointed his weapon at them.
"Could be interpreted as you trying to plot against us. And you don’t want to
know what we do to people who try to do that."
please, please!" Trent begged as he crawled out from under the table and looked
at the man. Caitlin had never seen him move so fast. "We’ll do anything you
The man
motioned for them all to get out from underneath the table. They crawled and
then sat on the floor as the man instructed them, seeing the other henchmen
were forcing everyone else to do the same. A second henchman joined the first
one in guarding them.

Caitlin could now see that their leader was speaking through a handheld megaphone.
Definitely in his early twenties. He was near the entrance with a few of his
other men while the rest of them were evenly dispersed through the rest of the dining area, weapons at the ready and everyone herded into groups and areas which they could easily control.

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