"I am
chaos," the young man in the clown hair and thick glasses told his captive
audience. "But you may call me, ‘Josh,’ because I like joshing around." He
paused and then forced out a fake laugh for all to hear. "And I’m going to
spread my joshing throughout all of New York, the center of the fundamentally
racist and evil nation called the United States of America."
sat between Derrick and Trent. Trent was still muttering pleas for the thugs
not to kill them and she became acutely aware of the stench of his sweat. She
turned her head away from him and caught a glimpse of Derrick who looked as
afraid as Trent.
watched all my life as ‘order’ has allowed the rich, and the corrupt, and the
white patriarchy to thrive without any consequences," Josh continued. "Well,
that’s not entirely true," he added with a chuckle. "There haven’t been any
consequences for them, but there have been plenty of consequences for the rest
of us. And we’re going to change all that. We’re gonna show this city what the
power of chaos can do! We’re gonna rip off all the masks and force everyone to
see what everyone is really like! And that’s how we’re gonna bring a little
justice and democracy to the United States of KKK!"
henchmen cheered and then Josh handed the megaphone to one of them while he
walked out of view. The hostages began mumbling anew.
Okay. We all need to stay calm," Derrick said to Caitlin and the rest of the
group, his voice breaking while he also gasped for breath. "We have to do
exactly as they tell us so we can get out of here alive."
Yeah," Brindin said. Yolanda and Mi agreed while furiously nodding their heads.
can’t be happening!" Trent yipped. "What did we ever do to deserve this? We’re
not part of those people Josh is talking about!"
Caitlin noticed
the henchmen who had ordered them out from under the table approach them again.
"What’s all this chatting going on over here? You planning to be heroes?"
eyes became wide. "Oh, no, sir! No! We were saying that we need to do
everything you tell us to do. You gotta believe us!"
looked at him as he kneeled and looked up at the henchman. She moved just
slightly away from him towards the awful-smelling Trent.
are you doing?" the second henchman laughingly said to the first one as he
approached them.
having some fun," the first one replied.
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