"We want
people to understand just how evil the whole system of patriarchy is," Trent
said while chewing food. "The world doesn’t just have a white person problem;
it has to address the male problem as well."
why we’re also having female artists exclusively on the new General Truth,"
Derrick told them.
already has that," Trent said. Derrick didn’t wait for him to finish that
sentence before continuing.
going to love who the first female artist is," he said.
"Who is
it?" Mi asked.
You’re going to have to wait and see on that one."
come on! You can’t tease us and then not tell us who it is!" Mi insisted.
and the others wanted to know and some of them pleaded along with Mi.
And as
they pleaded, Caitlin’s eyes caught a glimpse of the entrance to the dining
area of the restaurant. She saw a man in a brightly-colored clown wig — the kind
that looks like a rainbow afro — walk in and approach the maitre d’. His face had
streaks of red and black on it, and he wore large eyeglasses with thick rims.
He even had a neck lanyard attached at each temple tip of the glasses. Oddly
enough, he also wore a nicely-fitted suit.
didn’t know what to make of it. She thought that perhaps the man was looking
for some other place in the building or was hired by someone to come there as
some sort of joke. And then the man in the clown wig and thick-rimmed
eyeglasses pulled something out from his suit jacket. He pointed it at the
maitre d’ and Caitlin heard a loud crack.
maitre d’ fell backwards as heads turned towards the sound. Caitlin watched as
more strangely dressed men — all in suits and different sorts of clownish hair,
makeup and glasses — burst into the dining area behind the first man. And she saw
that they all brandished guns.
The men
started shooting. Caitlin saw two of them shoot four wait staff members. Others
fired into the ceiling and yelled. People started screaming and panicking, and
for a moment Caitlin sat stunned in her chair.
down!" Derrick yelled at her, grabbing her arm from his position underneath the
table with the rest of the group.
yanked her hard enough to pull her out of the chair so that she fell on the
floor, grazing her head against the table in the process. She landed on her
shoulder and winced as Derrick dragged her beneath the table where he helped
pull her into a crouching position with the others.
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