"As you
know, everyone writing about superheroes really had to up their game once
superhumans became a reality. So we spent some time thinking about what we
wanted to do and how we could make it as exciting as possible. And here’s the
story arc we came up with.
begins with General Truth as everyone is used to him. He’s working for the
government and protecting corporations and the rich. But we quickly find he’s
becoming disillusioned with that–with all the xenophobia and bigotry that now just
defines America," Derrick told them. "He’s grown tired of how we’re always warring
against dark-skinned people. And he’s grown tired of all the heteronormative
patriarchy. And so he finally decides to turn against it. He starts fighting
for the 99% and the new generation."
smiled and ever so slowly continued eating as she listened to him. She hadn’t
heard anyone use "the 99%" in some time. But other than that Derrick was
definitely on the right path to making General Truth more relevant and
interesting than he had been in a long time. Maybe superheroes and comic books
could still survive despite all the people who said they now were obsolete.
a particularly intense scene — right after he’s made the final decision to leave
behind his old life — where General Truth runs into one of his old friends. And
this is big, because it’s a major character who works for the government, and
you’ll be shocked when you see who it is. And Truth has to get information from
him," Derrick continued as Caitlin and the rest listened. "He ends up capturing
this friend and he takes him to a secret location — you know, just like the
government does with rendition — and he does whatever is necessary to get that
information from him."
mean, like torture?" Mi asked.
leaned back in his chair. "All I’ll say is that he doesn’t do anything the U.S.
hasn’t done to people in Guantanamo and other places." The group laughed.
"So tell
us more. What happens next?" Yolanda asked.
he gets the information he needs from his former friend," Derrick said. "And
what he learns is the American government is about to do something horrible. He
goes off and stops it, and unapologetically takes out a lot of those bad guys
in doing so. They wanted war and he gives it to them."
there are so many bad guys in General Truth’s life then maybe he needs more
women," Yolanda said.
agreed and Caitlin nodded her head.
you should say that," Derrick said after sipping some wine. "Because the story
arc is where we’re going to start addressing toxic masculinity and that will
lead to the series diversifying."
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