"And did
you notice there were no black guys on White’s team?" Brindin asked. "What’s up
with that racism?"
they all started jawing about that. And Caitlin stayed silent. She
looked at the line for the medical personnel they were standing in, wondering
how long it would take to get to them so they could then give statements to
the authorities.
know, if it weren’t for people like White and all those other warmongers who
are trying to compensate for something, people like Josh wouldn’t be driven to
do what they do," Trent said loudly, his hands stuffed into his enormous pants.
Caitlin looked at him once and then turned away her head. "Think of all the
violence and tensions they encourage in society."
don’t forget the poverty," Derrick said. "The government is paying them a lot
of money, I bet. And that means it’s money the government can’t use to help the
poor. Not that the U.S. would want to do that anyway."
Mi, and Yolanda agreed with Derrick and Trent. "You should write a comic book
miniseries about this — about what just happened to us and what the real story
is," Yolanda said to Derrick. Mi and Brindin nodded.
know what? We really could," Derrick said. "We could call it, ‘I Am Chaos,’ and
it would be about how White and those thrill-seekers are unaccountable creators
of chaos."
would be so awesome," Trent said. "Do you know how many books we’d sell?"
"Ah, but
no. It wouldn’t work," Derrick said while shaking his head. "Too many people
are close-minded and they’d take it as us being ‘ungrateful’ for White and
those goons ‘rescuing’ us."
doesn’t mean we can’t start pointing out how divisive he is, and how he’s
coarsening the culture with all his lone cowboy nonsense," Brindin said.
"Obviously I haven’t had the chance to examine him, but he’s displaying
multiple traits suggesting some severe psychological problems. We should pursue
group, minus Caitlin, praised Brindin. And then Derrick and Trent started
talking about how they could create a comic book series where a group of
captured bad guys are forced into working for the government. And while they do
that work, they uncover how truly insane and deviant an Adam White-like
character who oversees them is. "Yeah. Yeah. That could really work," Derrick
said. "We won’t be able to tell an exact story about what just happened without
everyone crying about us being ‘ungrateful,’ but we can create a story with a
White stand-in that shows how bad he is. That would challenge everyone on the
concept of good and evil, and show how the U.S. government and fascists like
White make seemingly terrible people sympathetic by comparison."

Caitlin stayed with the other five until medical personnel interviewed
them. She didn’t say a word as they all talked up Derrick and Trent’s new comic
book miniseries idea.

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