Once they made it to
the front of the line, the medical personnel treated the bruise on her head and
also examined the shoulder she injured when Derrick yanked her out of her chair
and she landed on it. They didn’t find anything other than bruising but
suggested she see her family doctor about it.
that, the federal authorities took statements from them on what happened with
Josh and his thugs. "Goodnight. Hope to see you soon," the others said to each
other as they parted ways. Caitlin returned their pleasantries but she didn’t
really mean them. She thought about all that had happened today and into the
evening, amazed that she had made it to the end of the day alive.
And as
she thought about whether she should take a day off from work tomorrow, she
also thought about how she was going to live going forward. She decided that, at
the very least, she would try to broaden her circle of acquaintances. Caitlin
thought that meeting people who didn’t hate the guy who had just saved her life
would be a good place to start.
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