He had seemed so full of confidence
the entire time right up to the last few seconds of his life when Adam had torn
his head from his shoulders.
She also
saw some of the dead henchmen Adam had terminated. One of his energy blasts had
eliminated most of one man’s chest and all of his jaw, with the corpse’s eyes
frozen open in what looked like an expression of horror but couldn’t have
possibly been since the blast had been so quick.
And Caitlin
also saw the dead Linus Thayer and Elise Peasall. Both also had frozen looks of
horror on their face and Caitlin believed them genuine. Then an odd
thought crossed her mind: how angry Linus would have been that a
white man had rescued the rest of them.
they passed Adam, Caitlin looked at him and smiled. Adam smiled back.
Mi and
Yolanda stared and smiled at Adam too, with both them thanking him even as Mi
had her arms around Yolanda’s waist. "You’re welcome," he said to them both.
Caitlin swore she heard both of them softly squeal.
government personnel briefly checked on the group of six when they reached the
front of the line. Caitlin showed them the bruise on her head and they told her
the medical personnel outside would check on it. Then they instructed them on
where to go. They also told them they would need to speak with additional
security personnel outside who would take all their statements on what happened
in the restaurant.
Caitlin was
grateful as the first breeze of the dark, evening air hit her, gently blowing
her long hair and dress, and whisking away all the terrible smells from inside
the restaurant. The night air also must have helped Trent regain his senses.
I’m fine. Just fine. You can let go," he said to Brindin and Yolanda, rather
brusquely pulling his arms from each of them.
sorry I helped," Brindin said, throwing his hands up and away from Trent.
didn’t have any fun either," Yolanda told him. They both stared at him but Trent
wouldn’t meet their eyes.
"Can you
believe what just happened?" Derrick said as he ran a hand through his hair and
then started scrubbing his facial hair to straighten it out. Caitlin hated how
he always did that. Seriously, any time she was with him he’d do it at least
once an hour.
opened her mouth but Trent spoke first. "I know. That punk Adam just put all
our lives at risk."
mouth fell open even more as she looked at Trent.
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