Derrick said. "He goes in there and murders every one of them, endangering all of
us in the process."
head swung back to Derrick, looking at him as she closed her mouth and clenched
her fists.
are you talking about?" Mi asked as she stuck her hands on her hips. "He saved
us all."
"Let me
ask you something," Derrick said as he took a few steps closer to Mi. Mi took a
few steps closer to him, and Yolanda watched. "What would’ve happened if just
one of those bullets had missed those henchmen? One of us could’ve been killed.
Or what would’ve happened if White would’ve crushed one of us with all the
debris he sent flying from the ceiling when he made that ‘dramatic’ entrance?
Or if he happened to hit one of us when he was carelessly firing energy blasts
all over the place?"
"But he
didn’t! He’s a professional and I’m sure he knew what he was doing!" Mi shot
threw up his hands and limp wrists, and Caitlin saw him roll his eyes. "That
covers everything, doesn’t it? ‘I’m a professional.’"
her alone, Derrick," Yolanda said as she walked up to Mi’s side.
she started it when I was pointing out the facts," Derrick told her.
"Take it
easy," Brindin told him. "I get what you’re saying but relax. Mi’s just glad we
made it out alive."
"What do
you mean you get what he’s saying?" Mi said to Brindin.
guys are just outlaws with badges," Brindin told her. "They’re thrill junkies
who lie about the fact that they’re in it for themselves by calling themselves
"I did
notice that Adam punched Josh in the mouth instead of hitting him with an
energy blast like he did with the others," Yolanda said. "Why did he have to
brutally kill him like that? It’s like he wanted to hurt him."
And if he could get that close to him, why didn’t he just subdue him?" Derrick
said. "And what took them so long to respond? How many people did they allow
Josh to murder because they wanted to make that ‘cool’ entrance? We shouldn’t
be grateful for them right now. We should be mad!"
watched without saying anything. At first Mi seemed a little hesitant but soon
she had joined in on convincing herself that Adam and the others who had
rescued them were the real bad
guys. Caitlin stayed silent the entire time, but none of them seemed to notice.
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