"And if anyone
tries to kill me, they’ll emphasize my point that America is an evil
nation — murdering those it tortures and drives into madness." He paused, looked
around, and laughed before continuing. "I can see that some of you are
wondering if the authorities are going to come and save you before we decide to
leave. I can assure you, they won’t. We made sure we figured out their response
time and we will be long gone before–"
heard the sound of window glass breaking — not shattering — and then the henchmen
standing guard over her and her friends suddenly dropped to the floor. She just
barely registered that the other henchmen near the windows seemed to be doing
the same when the ceiling over Josh exploded. People screamed anew as a man
landed hard on the floor in front of Josh. A bright light exploded from him and
Caitlin heard the roar of thunder. And when the light died down enough she saw
the man leap forward to Josh, who looked absolutely aghast. The man punched him
straight in his slack-jawed mouth. And the man truly did punch Josh in his
mouth–literally, his fist went into Josh’s mouth, shattering teeth and breaking
his jaw. Josh’s eyes bulged out and the upper part of his head went backwards so
fast that his eyeglasses flew off his head. As his head came apart, Caitlin
watched in horror when it started coming off his neck as the man followed
through and finished his punch. She turned away at that point.
People continued
screaming, not understand the new violence. Caitlin’s friends
were among the hysterical, but this time she was not. She peeked back at
the front of the room, trying to avoid looking directly at the torn-apart Josh,
even as she couldn’t help notice the man who had punched him. He was trying to
shake the remainder of Josh’s decapitated head off his fist. When that didn’t
work, the man used a blast of energy from that same hand to vaporize the
bits of skull and flesh. Caitlin looked elsewhere and saw the smoking remains
of the other henchmen closer to the
front of the restaurant. She realized that the blasts of light and roar of
thunder came from the man eliminating them with his superhuman
energy blasts. And she finally realized who he was.
had heard of Adam White, of course. Everyone had learned of him after what he
had done to the President of the United States years ago when the president had
tried overthrowing the nation with his illegal alien invasion force. But even
after that, Adam had remained a rarely seen figure in public, and a myth had
somewhat developed around him.
Adam began
speaking–trying to calm everyone down–even as Caitlin hadn’t been listening to
his exact words since she was still comprehending everything that just had
happened… and because she was stunned that someone had actually saved
their lives. Other government personnel were now swarming into the room,
cautiously tending to the hostages and giving instructions.
looked at Derrick who was rubbing tears away from his face. Trent continued
rocking and mumbling. Brindin was just sitting there on the ground, his knees
raised and elbows resting on them as he held his head with both hands. Mi and
Yolanda cried and hugged one another.

Caitlin noticed trails of blood running towards her and at first she thought
one of them was bleeding. But then she noticed that the blood was coming from
the two henchmen that had fallen to the ground when she heard the window glass

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