In the tradition of Robert Heinlein, The Magnificent Seven, and the glory of the first Star Wars movie, this novel delivers an unwilling team of heroes called to fight on behalf of an alien civilization in another galaxy. The logistics of how these men in their planes are pulled to another planet are not what matter. How these men react to the king and his request for help, how they team up in battle, how many obstacles the enemy throws at them – this is the stuff of great military, patriotic and historical fiction. Many of the scenes read like a World War II battle, especially the unbearable invasion and casualty count at Normandy. Our heroes are called upon to revisit earth, to steal some Nazi weaponry (and a few surprises, too) in an agonizing and prolonged case of "torture the protagonist." Be prepared to suffer as you fall in love with every character, only to see one after another fall in battle. This is a great story, perhaps marred by an occasional trope of the romance genre, Point-of-View violations, and iffy science, but David Weber is right: "It’s all about the voice. A confident, strong, enthusiastic voice will hide a multitude of sins." (Sarah Hoyt, thanks for that quote.) This is a great novel, rousing, epic, inspiring and patriotic, with characters you’ll never forget.

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