*I’m blogging from my phone today as a test. The technology of the day is just too fascinating.*

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit linked the following article and asks the question, "is sending your kids to public school parental malpractice?"


If you read that story you might be inclined to answer in the affirmative, at least in regard to that specific (yet unspecified?) school.

For those unfamiliar with instapundit, Glenn Reynolds talks about education frequently. Especially the higher education "bubble." The story linked above raises many mote questions about the system as a whole. What will today’s kindergarteners experience after high school? Is the entire system imploding? Will it still be there in 20 years? That is to say, in 20 years will children still grow up in an America where the normal timeline is go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a degree, make money, pay taxes, vote?

I’ve long believed the public ed system exists to create ideal citizen worker voters. And the definitions of desired results are vague if not absent altogether. It’s a paradigm built on exclusively macro views of life with little to no regard for the concept of individualism. Individualism is treated and summarily dismissed as selfishness. Outliers in approved behavioral norms are seen as threats to some warped vision of order in society, whether the behavior is actually dangerous or not. It’s different, and therefore does not fit. Ideal citizen worker voters do not fidgit while they complete the worksheets.

The whole system is infatuated with the notion of winning the future by chasing statistical data from the past, extrapolating "mosts" and discarding everything else.

Try running anything like that. It doesn’t work. Hell, even my dog learned the futility of chasing his own tail.

It appears that life today is trending away from tail chasing. Or does it only seem that way?

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