Stumbled across a very interesting article recently. A common flaw in foreign relations, or at least in the stated expectations of other countries’ motivations from the babbling mouths of chicken-head pundits here at home is that of "mirror imagining" – where we expect others to see things the same way we do. But folks like Putin don’t see things the way we do. DUH. Here’s a taste:

"True to Putin’s insistence that Russia cannot be judged in Western terms, Putin’s new conservatism does not fit U.S. and European definitions. In fact, the main trait they share is opposition to liberalism. Whereas conservatives in those parts of the world are fearful of big government and put the individual first, Russian conservatives advocate for state power and see individuals as serving that state."

I recommend the whole thing:

What’s ‘appenin’ with them ‘yperlinks, Charlie?

Two minutes, Turkish.

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