"If you want to make an omelet, you must be willing to break a few eggs."

Lots of eggs are getting broken in the name of glorious, social omelettes these days. Five million people lose their insurance because of Obamacare? Oh well. All those disrupted lives, all the lives lost because treatments are terminated? A small price to pay so Leftoids can use your money to buy votes.

See how this game works? Between your life and their power, it’s an easy choice for them.

A lot of conservatives and libertarians have this quaint idea that they can be left the hell alone. But when you’re up against people that don’t mind shattering millions of lives, and expect to pay zero price for it, well, sooner or later your life or that of someone you love is bound to get cracked. And like the TSA going through your luggage, they’ll laugh as they do it.

In the end, you can’t opt out. They won’t let you. You’re either the one cracking eggs, or the one getting spilled into the other side’s crap omelette. You either rule, or you are ruled.

Which would you rather be?

Easier said than done, I know. Yes, Leftoids rule the administrative state and the judiciary and the media. Even many of the corporations that they hate pay homage to the Left’s idiot orthodoxy. Often the supposed opposition party seems merely a speed bump to them on its best day, devolving into collaborators on issues like immigration.

So we start small. We begin by changing our worldview with a simple realization: that the Left can and should be treated as they treat us.

And since they are were willing to ruin the lives of five million people for their agenda, I’d say the sky is pretty much the limit.

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