This is a great take on the "man’s dark past comes back to haunt him." It’s a huge trope for thrillers, and I find that most authors don’t get quite right in terms of believability. Not the case here. A very complete, sympathetic character in the middle of highly layered, fast paced international conspiracy thriller. A caring husband, loyal friend, ruthless killer and desperate fugitive- all the pieces are there inside of one person, and they all fit just so. The side characters are just as memorable, to the point where I see good spinoff/prequel potential for a few of them.

What takes book up on yet another level is the author’s ability to create a sense of place. Whether it’s a suburban Virginia home, an estate in Ireland or a terrorist hideout, the reader truly gets a feeling of being there, viewing it through the characters’ eyes. (Lets’ just say Ireland has shot way up on my travel destination list!) The only quibble I have is some loose ends that are obviously left over for the sequel, but there is enough closure to leave the reader satisfied. Recommended to fans of thriller or mystery genre, or to anyone interested in Irish-themed fiction.

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