So Disney/Marvel pulled off the multi-platform meta-narrative, interweaving Captain America 2 with the show in a fairly elegant way.

I’ve heard some complaints that the show is being used to pump up the movies.

My response is "so?"

It’s being done well.

The newest installment of the Captain America saga revealed that SHIELD, an agency dedicated to protecting peace and freedom, was actually infiltrated by HYDRA, a fascistic organization bent on world dominance. In Agents of Shield, the story took up during HYDRA’s coup and had some nifty twists. And I’m sure it will lay groundwork for Avengers 2 and then go forth from the events in that movie.

Vince McMahon modeled this with the cable shows of WWE acting as lead-ins for his pay per view specials. Essentially, he was using USA Network for highly rated commercials.

It works.

Haters will hate but for a geek like me, I’m pretty happy to see what Disney/Marvel is doing.

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