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A couple of yearsago I asked what can help win over the hearts and minds of America’s millennial generation? The answer was Tree of Liberty: awork of engagingfiction that reaches out to them wherever they are on the personal trajectories of their lives and catapults them into their future, where they are enlisted in the battle for the very survival of our republic.

Nothing educates or persuades quite like fiction.Tree of Libertychronicles the 30-year round-the-world journey of American Curtiss Bradley, who returns to an America stolen by a ruling class of D.C. patricians, then launches the shot heard ’round the world in 2020, leading a second American revolution against tyranny.Tree of Libertyis for our time, for our nation’s time of fundamental change and unhealed, widening divisions.From the jacket cover:
Who will lead America’s second revolution against tyranny?
Who among us will dare to rise up against the D.C. patricians: America’s dukes, marquis and viscounts who now occupy themselves with vile intrigues and subterfuges–squabbling for dominion over the rights, fortunes and lives of the America people? And taxation without representation is only one injustice impelling the class warfare with America’s ruling class families.
Curtiss Bradley is one of those revolutionaries.
The only child of a Doolittle Raider, orphaned then weaned at the Milton Hershey School for Orphaned Boys, Curtiss comes of age on Wall Street’s fast track during America’s roaring 1980s. That is until a love obsession with an enchanting Taiwanese NYU student draws Curtiss into the exotic and fascinating subcultures of Asia.
He returns 30 years later to find the America he knew gone, having had a reversal of fortune with China: now fully capitalist and the world’s leading economy and democracy. While in America, the bill comes due for decades of debt-driven economics in the Great Depression of the Twenty Teens, when Americans embrace defunct China-style statism, and in the process lose their most precious inheritance: their freedom.
Can Curtiss, by resurrecting the Morgan’s Kentucky Riflemen, launch the shot heard ’round the world in 2020 and rescue America from its post-constitutional dystopia?
Pretty dire I know, but most dystopian fiction is. And if you project China and America’s current trajectories out a decade or so into the future, not too implausible. Does anyone out there think this approach will connect millennials? Help them understand that the ‘fundamental transformation of America’ currently underway is a march back to the failures of the past, rather than a march forward to future successes?
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