Liberty Island is a work in progress and many parts of the site are still under construction. Watch for these new features in the weeks and months ahead:

Pop Culture: Liberty Island has debuted as essentially a fiction magazine. But the countercultural revolt is much broader than that, and we have plans to expand our focus to include robust coverage of popular music, video, graphics and comic art, stand-up comedy, and cultural criticism. We especially want to encourage members of these creative communities to join us and feature their works on the site.

Author Resources: It is our mission to assist self-published authors and creators in their efforts to reach a wider audience whether they are members of our community or not. To that end, we are compiling a directory of publishing service providers including freelance editors, designers, web developers, and marketing/publicity consultants. We don’t officially endorse or guarantee their services (and we derive no profit from listing them) but they are all "on the team" and "down with the mission" if you know what we mean. Want to be included in our directory? Send us an email at [email protected]

Writing Workshops: Fiction is hard to write well. If it were easy, everyone you know would be a bestselling novelist. In the months to come, Liberty Island will offer a series of workshops to help you hone your literary chops, focusing on basic elements of fiction (plot, dialogue, characterization, description, thematic development, etc.). Eventually these workshops may be broken out by genre. You can even start your own. Watch this space for further info.

Recommended Reads: Currently there is no place for liberty-minded readers to find helpful reviews of novels they might like. Just try picking through the slagheap on Amazon! This section will contain detailed write-ups of classic and contemporary works, submitted by our network of reviewers. We will also encourage registered members to comment on books they have read and to submit their own reviews. Want to join the network? Send a note to senior editor Jamie Wilson.

Liberty Island Radio: Very soon we’re launching our online radio channel and podcasts. We’ll offer an eclectic mix of the music we love along with interviews of authors and other personalities.

Liberty Island Books: Short stories are just the beginning. Liberty Island plans very soon to announce a line of novels, to be published in partnership with a major house.

Store: The obligatory offerings will include T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other merchandise.

Once we launch our line of novels, Liberty Island books will also be available.

Finally, we welcome comments and suggestions from our readers. Feel free to write us at [email protected]

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