You know those "survival" folks everybody thinks are nuts because they stock up on food packaged in containers that can last 25 years? Ever stop to think they might not be so crazy? Sure, back when they were planning on being the only survivors in a world completely destroyed by a nuclear holocaust they might have seemed more than just a little eccentric, especially since that would have been a terrible world in which to exist when nobody else would be around except other nutcases, but why are folks still doing this whole survival food thing now? Is there something dreadful they know about of which you have not yet taken into consideration?

Yes there is. More than one, actually, but the most serious problem is hanging over our heads right now, and if it ever happens it is going to result in death and chaos far beyond anything you have ever imagined. Forget about the earth supposedly being ruined because of global warming, lack of rainforests, and/or too few whales. This threat is much more real than those simplistic worries and far more serious. Go ahead, try imagining how long you will be able to survive if the power grid goes down hard, and there is no electrical power available anywhere close to you for the next one to twenty years.

The biggest reason this is so serious is because the government has the power to correct it, but it won’t. As politicians always do, they are pretending the problem doesn’t exist and/or are hoping it won’t happen until after they leave office. I remember reading newspaper articles in the 1980’s about the levies in New Orleans only being temporary and needing to be improved before a big hurricane hit. For around twenty years the politicians in New Orleans deluded themselves into believing a hurricane would never happen, so they never did anything. After Katrina proved them sadly mistaken they still didn’t do anything useful; all they did was fall back upon the tried and true political solution of pointing the blame at others. Do you honestly think the same-type politicians we have now will ever do anything about the grid problem until it’s too late? Unfortunately, in this case "too late" really means too late. If the power grid ever does collapse, the resulting hardships will make Katrina look like a Luau in Hawaii.You need to seriously start thinking about how much your life depends upon electricity. (If you are already aware of this situation, and want to know some things to do now so you can survive later, you may skip reading this next part and just pick up below where it says "What to do now").

Keep thinking about it. No electricity means nothing works. You can’t go to most stores because nothing
electronic will operate, and even if some stores are still able to sell things
they won’t be accepting cards. They will only take cash. Where you going to get
any cash? The banks will be shut down because the only way they can tell how
much money you have is to look into the computer. Good luck, Chuck. Even if
they have paper records showing everybody’s correct balances, they still won’t
have anywhere near enough cash on hand to give all their customers the money
they need. Most of the so-called "money" you have in the bank is electronic,
and that means it’s only as real as the computer is able to say it’s real. Basically,
from the moment the power grid shuts down all you really will have is what’s in
your pocket.

Not to mention, even the option of
paying cash anywhere will last no more than a few days. At some point people
will realize the power isn’t coming back for a while and then the rush to
acquire food and water will lead to riots and looting until whatever was in the
stores will be gone. Thanks to gasoline pumps no longer working there will be
no more deliveries of supplies, and this also means you won’t be able to drive
around very long looking for more. Pretty soon you will be forced to do all
your foraging on foot, and you will only be able to grab as much as you can handle
carrying. Therefore, if you end up only being able to survive on the food and
water you currently have on hand, and/or what you can scavenge (assuming you
don’t get killed by rioters or other criminals in the meantime), you’ll be
lucky to last a month.

Sadly, even the ones who manage to last
a month won’t last much longer. By this time people will be killing each other
just to get what little the other guy still has. It will definitely become a
classic case of "Only the strong survive", and that is why liberals will be the
hardest hit. They won’t have guns, and they won’t fight back, so they will be
defenseless against the criminals. It’s only fair. For the most part they will
be the ones responsible for the situation, so it’s fitting they should be the
first to suffer under the horrors they have created.

You see, the reason the power grid is in such awful shape now is because
liberal groups have been preventing it from being upgraded. For environmental
reasons, or because they hate "big" any corporation, they have successfully
prevented any serious improvements to our electrical delivery methods since at
least the 1980’s. Here’s a quote currently being put forth by just one liberal
activist group:

"Power Plant Pollution Facts: Forty percent of U.S. coal
power plants lack modern emission controls–for now. – Every year, the new
regulations could prevent up to 4,700 heart attacks, 130,000 asthma attacks,
and 11,000 early deaths."

Leaving aside their obvious omission
of any supporting evidence whatsoever for these ridiculous claims, and further
ignoring the picture they show here is of a factory from the 1960’s or earlier
(You cannot see any smokestacks blasting like this at all today), what they are
basically saying is the regulations they want to enforce now will reduce our
electrical production even further. By making these type wildly unsubstantiated
claims for the last few decades they not only have frequently succeeded in
preventing new power generation facilities from being built, they’ve even managed
to reduce the capabilities of the few we currently have operational.

This is because liberal activists
have found reasons to object to almost every effective method of electric power
generation available. They don’t like dams, tidal systems, or nuclear energy because
these methods supposedly use too much water, or are a threat – either to
humanity or to wildlife – and they really
don’t like any type of facility using combustion methods to produce
electricity. About the only systems they do like are solar and windmill, which
are practically useless. For all the hype these methods receive, they deliver
so little power it’s laughable. If the power grid ever did collapse, and the
only electricity being generated after that was coming from these sources,
you’d never know it. Every city in the country would still be powerless.

Okay, we can forget about who to
blame here. Let’s just examine what’s going on. For over a hundred years
electricity has been expanding and the generation facilities have been getting
bigger. However, all too often you will find these facilities have been forced
to keep using technology older than you are, and as time goes on these devices
only keep getting harder to repair. For forty or more years new facilities have
been severely curtailed from being created, and the solution to the mounting
electrical needs has mostly been to keep enlarging the generation facilities
already in existence, while doing practically nothing to improve their
operation. To help these generation plants meet heavy demands each facility has
been tied in with other facilities, and they all rely upon being able to draw extra
power when needed from any other facility connected to them.

Thanks to our fearless leaders
caring more what a few whiners are screaming about than they care about the
needs of the country, we have a system ripe for failure. All it will take is
for one system to so completely fail it will be forced to draw all the
electricity it needs from other facilities, and whenever those other facilities
can’t deliver the extra power being demanded, while still feeding their own
needs, they also will fail. On and on it will go until the whole system falls
apart. If the resulting catastrophic failure is big enough, it won’t get fixed
until after the rioting and bloodshed have massively thinned our population.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, this
isn’t even the worst case scenario. There are other ways our power grid can be
destroyed (EMP, enormous solar flares, the long overdue magnetic reversal of
the earth’s poles), and if those other ways ever happen you may not see
electricity again in your lifetime, (or for however long you might have lived,
had you not been murdered in the ensuing slaughter for survival). If one of
these more devastating events occurs, anything depending on computer chips will
instantly shut down. All the roads will then be covered with cars which
suddenly quit working forever, and planes will actually start falling
uncontrollably from the sky.

So, the question before us is this: if
our politicians can’t be bothered to correct this situation (which is
completely mystifying since the cost to prevent it is so low), is there
anything you can do now to improve your chances for survival later, if the
worst happens? Surprisingly enough, the answer can be found starting with the very next

What to do now. We’re not going to talk about portable generators. There’s a
slight chance they may not even work, but, even if they do, for how long? Do as
you wish concerning acquiring any for your own needs, but the basic purpose of
this blog is to be able to survive without them. To do that you need food,
water, heated shelter and guns. Yes, guns. It is pointless to set yourself up
for survival if you leave yourself defenseless. I guarantee others will do
everything they can to take your stuff away from you, so the reality is you
won’t survive long without weapons. This is especially true in urban areas. The
more people living around you, the more you will have to defend yourself. With
guns you need ammunition, so stock up. The best thing to do, if you don’t
already have any guns, is to buy weapons using whatever ammunition is currently
the cheapest and easiest to acquire. At the moment 38 caliber, 9mm, 45 ACP, .40
caliber, 5.56 and shotgun ammo are plentiful and the prices are cheaper than
they’ve been in a couple years. 44 magnum is nice, but even when it’s in good
supply it’s pricey. If you are planning on hunting, you can go with 308, 30-06
and 30-30. They can be harder to get than the ones previously mentioned,
depends on when you are looking, but they are still better choices than other
more exotic rifle calibers. Just get what works for your needs and is readily

Shelter? That’s easy. Wherever you
live at the time will do. Heated? That will be harder. Whatever you were using
to heat your current home and/or cook your food will be unavailable. Electric
powered items won’t work, and not even gas can be pumped into your home without
electricity. This leaves fire. You can use wood and propane, as long as you
either have a decent supply before the grid collapses, or are able to replenish
what you need from nature, but if you don’t already have stoves, ovens, or
fireplaces set up to use these forms of energy, it won’t do you much good.
Building a campfire outside might help you cook some things, but it won’t warm
up your home. Using your barbeque, camp stove, or even a metal tub full of wood
in the house might help heat it, but it’s not likely you’d ever do it more than
once. No matter what you are planning to burn, if you intend to do it inside
you will require proper ventilation beforehand or else you will probably
asphyxiate yourself. (Might actually be a nicer way to pass on, so maybe you
can tuck that thought away for when the situation becomes unbearable.)

Where can you get stoves and such you can use to survive? Well, there are two ways to go with this. You can actually buy wood burning stoves that not only are able to cook your food but also
can be used to warm the house, or you can build your own outdoor barbeque/pizza
ovens that can be set up for baking bread or anything else you might need to
cook when the kitchen stove no longer works. If you ever wanted an excuse to
build a nice stone or brick barbeque in your backyard, now you’ve got a good one.
Here are some links to places who specialize in these things: (You may have to
copy and paste) Here’s a link to a site showing how to build
an easy all-purpose grill/oven yourself for 3 to 5 hundred dollars:

Let’s not forget water. The first
thing you need to acquire is safe water. Unless you have a well, you will need
to stock up on a few large bottled water containers, and you better get some
rain collection systems set up. Rain water is not safe if you collected it from
the roof, or leave the container sitting open a long time, but there are things
you can do to make it safer. Boiling isn’t perfect, but it helps. So does
adding a very, very small amount of
chlorine bleach to the barrel. Also, there are barrels out there that are lined
with water purification substances, and treating water through commercial
purification products work well. Here are a few: If you noticed, some of these water
storage devices can hold water in them safely for five years, so it would be a
good idea to fill them now and keep refilling them every five years. There is
also another great option. Make beer! The Pilgrims did it because it was safer
than water, and by golly, that’s all the proof I need. Get a few beer making
kits, or learn to do it without any kits, and use your rain water here. Here’s a
link showing how it’s done, but there are other ways. Make sure you stock up on the yeast, grain,
and whatnot, and you best ought to start practicing now! Just keep practicing
until you’re really good at it, and you’ll be happy later. Yeehaw!

Lastly, food. This is probably
the easiest one to do in advance. You can find tons of places selling survival
food on the internet (one or two of the links I provided can be searched for
survival food), but you can also find food kits in many large grocery stores,
and you don’t have to strictly rely upon specially packaged ‘survival’ food.
There are plenty of ordinary foods you can stock up on. Ramen noodles in the
square packages might be one of the best. They are lightweight and really
cheap. You could probably last a month on twenty dollars’ worth. Yes, you’ll
get sick of Ramen pretty quickly, but all that does is ensure you’ll ration
your supply more effectively for survival. Oatmeal, beans, dry goods and canned
goods are also smart things to stock up on. However, frozen foods won’t do you
much good. Without electricity they’ll last maybe a week. If the power ever
does go out, you might as well pig-out on the frozen stuff first.

Don’t forget to buy vegetable seeds.
You can grow a bunch of food in your yards, or even in small containers in your
window sills, especially if you bought enough rain collection barrels for
outside use to keep the plants watered, but don’t count on being able to eat
any fresh veggies for a few months. Better make sure you can live long enough
to harvest.

To sum it up, the threat is real,
and nobody is genuinely concerned enough about it at the moment to do anything.
Our wonderful elected leaders are far more interested in finding ways to
collect more money from you than they are in actually doing any significant good
for the country, so you can’t depend on them for anything. Truth is they will
be no help whatsoever anyway, if the power grid does break down, and the only
saving grace about that is they will probably end up being worse off than you. I
mean, seriously, can you honestly see any of those guys being able to do things
for themselves? Ha! The thought makes me laugh so hard I could pee myself.
Well, except for Representative Ryan Zinke. He’s a former SEAL and probably
could use the dead to make a lifetime supply of jerky.

In all likelihood there will be no
warning before the failure, so you better start taking care of yourself right
now. After all, wasn’t taking care of yourself once considered the American
Way? Those who can’t take care of themselves are going to die, so just look to
the past and start thinking like the Pioneers if you want to live.

PS. Life to America!

Some interesting side notes, in case you are curious. In the event you don’t
know what all the dreadful things I said could knock out the grid are, I shall
explain a couple in a little more detail.

  1. EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. It is a
    disturbance created in our atmosphere by detonating nuclear weapons at a
    certain altitude. This pulse can knock out all things electrical over a wide
    area. This is generally something you would only expect from a hostile country having
    nuclear devices, but if you happen to be a conspiracy nut you also tend to worry
    it will be done someday by our own government (for some reason this is only
    thought possible if the Republicans are ever able to get total control), possibly as a way to
    eradicate liberals from the country forever.

    Now that’s a conspiracy theory any sensible person could get behind! Just wait a month for
    the liberals to be killed off, and wait a few more for the criminal types to
    finally die out, then suddenly turn the power back on from our secret,
    underground, lead-shielded, power generating facilities, and: Voila! The
    country would be saved!

    Trouble is, it could never work. To be
    effective, conservatives would have to know in advance, so they could get
    themselves prepared, and the religious conservatives would spoil the whole
    thing. For all the hatred dumped upon them by the secular left, religious
    conservatives would be the first to not only give liberals fair warning, but to
    take care of them after the event occurred. That’s the big difference between
    the two ideologies. If the situation were reversed you can safely bet most leftists
    would happily leave conservatives to suffer, and they would firmly believe the
    conservatives actually deserved whatever happened to them. The idea of loving
    thy enemy, or even just loving thy neighbor, is entirely too absurd for any
    leftist to seriously consider. (Oh, and don’t try saying leftists do love their enemies and offer up as
    evidence the fact they sympathize so easily with evil South American dictators,
    communists, and terrorist groups. Their sympathy in these cases is developed from
    the simple belief those folks are only America’s
    enemies. They aren’t seen as real enemies at all to the people on the left).

  2. The reversal of the earth’s polarity is a thing very
    few people even know about. It is also a thing most people would find both
    extremely fascinating and exceedingly scary. However, before we get to the
    scary part, you need to know a few things about this wonderful planet. Our
    polar caps aren’t just north and south, they are also positive and negative.
    Believe it or not, our planet is actually an electro-magnetic generator, or, if
    you prefer, a giant battery. The center of the earth is molten metal, and
    because the planet is rotating this metal mass is also spinning internally. In
    fact, it spins at a rate high enough to create enormous magnetic
    polarity (In case you are interested in how fast the earth is spinning: the
    planet’s speed at the poles is 0, but at the equator it’s over 1,000 miles per

    The electro-magnetic field created by our
    spinning planet causes ions (an ion is a positive or negatively charged atom)
    to be pulled down from the ionosphere through one pole and be expelled from the
    opposite pole back into the ionosphere. Without wasting time on all the boring
    details, it is enough for you to know scientists figured out, by examining ions
    trapped in rocks, polar ice and such, our planet has reversed its polarity at
    least 18 times since creation. That is to say, the ions passing through each
    end of the pole have switched from being positive to negative, or negative to
    positive, 18 times. What this means for the world of today is everything
    electrical will quit working the next time the poles reverse, and guess what?
    We’re a few hundred thousand years overdue.

    What nobody seems to know yet is what
    causes these reversals. Do they just naturally occur, or can they be caused by
    large impact events and gigantic volcanic eruptions? If the latter is possible,
    how huge must the volcanic eruption be to cause reversal, if the massive explosion of Krakatoa wasn’t even big enough to do it?
    One can only surmise the catastrophic event would be so devastating the loss of
    electrical devices would be the least of our worries.

    Well, I don’t know about you, but that thought makes me feel better about the whole thing. Wonder what’s on TV tonight?

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