Celebrity women have long been mistaken for health and wellness experts. Their appearance may give the impression of healthy but in practice, many are lacking.

Reminds me of a roommate I had as an undergrad. She was very thin, but with some noticeable curve in the right places. She appeared healthy but in reality she was just "skinny-fat". Gifted with a metabolism allowing her to eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at will, as well as her Italian grandma’s giant raviolis without ever needing to keep count.
While my other roommate and I were camped out on the Nordic Track (this was in ’95) sweating our cans off, our petite roommate was on the couch working her way through a pound of Cheetos. It was frustrating, that is, until the elevator in our apartment building broke. She and I had to take the groceries up the stairs one evening. We lived on the seventh floor.

My lovely little couch potato was winded by the third floor. By the fifth floor, she was panting as if giving birth. We had to stop at the sixth floor for her to take a break and for me to take her load of the groceries. By the time we reached the seventh floor, I was thinking that she seriously needed a stress test. She was red-faced, sweaty, and done. That is what you call skinny-fat…And I would suggest that half the celebrity women selling diet books could be categorized as such.

It’s useful when knowledgable women give other women advice on having strong healthy bodies. The problem is that very few celebrity females have a realistic or even reasonable idea of what being healthy encompasses. Have you ever read the disclaimers at the beginning of any celebrity lifestyle advice book? They knowingly admit that they are not experts. Why do we read on? Those books are realized and propagated in the Hollywood bubble, where entertainers are regarded experts on all things that they never actually studied or practiced. The truth is, when it comes to subjects such as wellness, celebrities are the last people we should look to for advice.
So, in 2015, I’d like to offer just a few reasons why your New Years Resolution should have nothing to do with the unfounded beauty regimens of an entertainer. You can read the full article on PJ Media Lifestyle.
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