And here we go…
In typical whiny liberal fashion, the fighting, crying, protests, and ridiculous notion that the end of the world has indeed arrived because the anointed one failed to deliver, has begun. Only now it’s not just the city dwellers in soon-to-be former sanctuary cities who are spewing racists remarks (how ironic).
Yesterday, Dr. Dallas Dance, the Superintendent of Baltimore County Schools, retweeted a plea for community educators to respond to the election outcome in the following racist rant:
"Educators: tomorrow pls show your Muslim, black, Latino, Jewish, disabled, or just non-white St’s, that you love them and will protect them!"
Protect them from who? The white kids?
My husband read the tweet aloud to my tween and her response was a solemn one. With a saddened and confused look on her face, my sweet daughter promptly queried, "What about the white students?".
When her dad attempted to explain why the rant retweeted by Dr. Dallas Dance was entirely inappropriate my daughter interjected, "Why is Dr. Dance segregating us?"
Good question.
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