If beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, what does that make entitlement?
The more that I bother to pay attention to my surroundings, as well as observe my fellow humans who occupy that temporary space with me, I am left to wonder. Has entitlement taken over this planet?
As my son and I left our beautiful neighborhood this morning on the way to his elementary school, I was astonished by the piles of evidence available for the prosecution. The blatant disregard for common laws and basic good citizenship were like giant potholes and barricades in every road and parking lot. For somebody who was a first-time driver, that ten-minute, four-mile commute would’ve been like a Navy SEALs’ obstacle course run.
No; I didn’t see any police cars, blue lights or crime-scene tape. Nobody shot-up a rap studio or robbed a convenience store. Nor, did I hear any sirens from ambulances or fire trucks rushing to the scene of another accident caused by texting while driving or some other self-absorbed habit. That was last week.
What I did observe, and so did my 7-year old son, is this: cars driving for a block (or more) in the left-turn only lane; cars passing others on the shoulder of the road; and cars cutting through parking lots to beat the next traffic light. Each BMW, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes SUV and all fifty GMC Yukons either had kids in the back seat or somebody in a business suit driving. In fact, most had both.
The normal red-light runners and school-zone speeders are too many to count. That’s a topic for another time. Of course, many look like teenagers to me; but, you’d be surprised at the percentages of both offender groups that have gray hair just like me.
Is this not entitlement? What is happening to us?
I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and insights. I’m beginning to wonder if I just need to go live up in the mountains somewhere . . .
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