I met a very strange bird at a reception on Thursday night. A passionate well-traveled conservative French 25-year-old male with great hair that was surprisingly clean.
I’ve heard plenty of jokes bashing the French. My husband’s favorite is, "Why are there trees lining the Champs de Elysee?–Because the German’s like to march in the shade." or a
I watch a lot of foreign movies, particularly French ones because I enjoy how beautifully they illustrate the simplistic moments in life as something to be revered. The acting is (nearly) always good enough to elevate the situations somehow making an oft ignored exchange something worth filming. When I lived in D.C., I’d frequent the Key Theatre, catching any French (and also British) movies that were available.
I should never read the news before bedtime. Because sleeping after what happened in France last week coupled with the Dept. of Homeland Security Chief stating that ISIS incidents are somewhat likely over the July 4th holiday have all but ruined any chance of sound sleep on my part. I just wish there were good news along side of the bad to even it out a bit. I surfed around for things to make me laugh before settling on The History Channel online
But there is much to celebrate today, June 30th. Because today in

Today in history is a significant one.

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